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Nahan Renukaji

A well-established town, Nahan is located in the Sirmaur District of Himachal Pradesh. The green woodlands, lofty mountain peaks and beautiful valleys surround Nahan. Blessed by wonderful views, Nahan is a must visit for anyone planning a trip to Himachal Pradesh. Nahan was founded in 1621 by King Karan Prakash and holds a lot of religious significance among the locals. There are a number of temples in the town that can be visited by tourists.

Nahan is located at an altitude of 950m and can be visited at any time of the year. In the surroundings of the town there are numerous treks and walking trails that can be explored by both novice and experienced trekkers.

Renukaji is a vital pilgrim centre located about 38Km from Nahan in the Sirmaur District. Best known for its Parashurama Tal and Renuka Temple, the Renuka Lake is in the shape of a sleeping woman. Renukaji is associated with Lord Parashuram an incarnation of Lord Vishnu who was ordered by his father to kill his mother. The lake is located in a long valley bounded by slopes covered by thick vegetation. There is a wildlife sanctuary surrounding the lake. Boating is allowed in the lake.

Attraction for Tourists


Jagannath Temple (Nahan)

The temple was constructed by Raja Budh Prakash in 1681. It is constructed on the similar lines as the original temple in Puri, Orissa. The main temple houses the idol of Lord Neel Mahadev.

Gayatri Temple (Renukaji)

This temple is located on the left bank of the Renuka Lake. It is dedicated to Gayatri Mata, the mother of the vedas. The temple houses a 1.6m high idol of Panch Mukhi Ma Gayatri. There are marble idols of Ganapati, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Indra and Lord Bramha.

Parashurama Tal and Renuka Temple (Renukaji)

At the end of the Renuka Lake is a large pool known as the Parashuram Tal. It is believed that the pool embraced Lord Parashuram who wanted to spend all his life at the feet of his mother. The temple houses the idol of Renukaji. Every year a festival is conducted wherein the idols of Renukaji and Parashuram are united.

Jamu Peak Temple (Renukaji)

The Jamu Peak rising above the lake has a small temple. Locals consider that this is the spot where Rishi Jamadagini meditated. There is a footpath that goes up the peak leading to the temple.

Adventures Options


There are a number of treks around Nahan that tourists will love to explore. The trek from Nahan to Renukaji is quite exciting and easy. There are several walking trails around Nahan namely Villa Round, Hospital Round and Military Round. Tourists can enjoy long and serene walks along these routes. The Choodhar Peak close to Nahan and Renukaji offer several opportunities of trekking.

Fishing and Angling

Tourists to Nahan can enjoy some fishing in the ponds and lakes around the town.

Best Tips

The best time to visit Nahan and Renukaji is from October to March. Usually in October or November right after Diwali, the annual fair in Renukaji is conducted. Try out fresh fruits in Nahan and Renukaji.

Nahan / Renukaji Shopping

Nahan offers a colourful shopping experience. Some of the best things to buy in the town include handiworks, woollen garments and Himachali caps. The Chaugan Road and Mall Road are the best places to shop in Nahan.

Renukaji is not much of a shopping destination. Tourists can find several stalls selling fresh fruits and local handicraft items.

Tourist's Travel Route to Nahan / Renukaji

Nahan is well-connected by roads to major cities like Chandigarh, Ambala and Kalka. From Chandigarh tourists can take NH1 and drive along the state highways for 90Km to reach Nahan. Buses and taxis are available easily from all major cities that are connected to Nahan. The nearest railhead is at Chandigarh about 2 hours away. The closest airport is at Chandigarh.

Renukaji is connected by connected by roads to major cities like Delhi. It is placed off the NH73 and on NH 72 from about 38Km from Nahan. Regular bus services are available from Ambala and Chandigarh. Tourists can also take taxis or car rentals to reach Renukaji. The nearest railway station and airport are in Chandigarh about 112 Km from Renukaji.

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Nahan Renukaji
Nahan Renukaji
Nahan Renukaji
Nahan Renukaji
Nahan Renukaji
Nahan Renukaji

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