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Rohtang Pass Solang Valley

About 51Km further from Manali is the exciting Rohtang Pass. The Rohtang Pass links the Kullu Valley with Lahaul and Sipti valleys. The Rohtang Pass is located high in the eastern Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas at an altitude of 3978m above sea level. The Rohtang Pass is the gateway to Leh and is known for its natural beauty. Visitors to Manali make it a point to visit the Rohtang Pass. The Rohtang Pass opens in May and is sealed again in September.

Popularly known as the Solang Nullah, the Solang Valley is a perfect place for all adventure enthusiasts visiting Himachal Pradesh. Located about 16Km from Manali, Solang is an excellent destination in Kullu District. The lush greenery, view of snow-clad mountains and glaciers, make the Solang Valley an excellent destination to visit. The Solang Valley is best visited in January and February when it is best to enjoy outdoor activities such as skiing. The summer months are best for trekking and mountain biking.

Apart from sightseeing, both Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley are known for adventure sports and activities. Both the regions have cold weather throughout the year, it is important to carry warm clothes.

Attraction for Tourists


Anjani Mahadev Temple

There is a Shiva temple in the Solang Valley. It is an old temple with a Shivling that is naturally carved out of ice. Visitors can either opt to take a horse ride till the summit or opt to trek to the temple.

Adventures Options


Trekking is one of the best adventure activities that visitors can enjoy in the Rohtang Pass. Trekking along the route of Rohtang Pass, visitors get a chance to see the real beauty of nature. The snow-clad mountains, rivers, picturesque waterfalls and the glaciers all are quite excellent to see. Some of the best treks along the Rohtang Pass include the Manali-Lahaul trek, Rohtang Pass-Bhrigu Lake, Rohtang Pass-Batal, etc.

Solang Valley too offers some great opportunities for trekkers. There are different treks that can take from a few hours up to a few days. One of the most favoured treks is from the Solang Valley to the Beas Kund. There are also half day treks to places such as Dhundi and Phatru. There are several waterfalls around the Solang Valley that should not be missed. The Solang Waterfall is a must visit.


The Rohtang Pass is covered by snow for almost all the time around the year presenting skiers with excellent opportunities. The Sonapani glacier a few kilometres from the Rohtang Pass is a suitable place for skiing. Training for beginners is also arranged in the area. Rohtang Pass is the only place in India where skiers can enjoy during the summer as well as autumn months.

The Solang Valley is also popular for offering some of the best skiing experiences. There are several mountaineering institutes that organize skiing camps and competitions. The best time for skiing in Solang is from mid-December till June end.

Mountain Biking

Both Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass offers some great trails for mountain biking. The roads and the weather can get challenging at times but the activity is worth a try.

Best Tips

The dhabas in Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley serve delicious tea and noodles. Eating at the dhabas is a must do.

Rohtang Pass / Solang Valley Shopping

There are no exotic shopping facilities along the Rohtang Pass. There are a few makeshift shops and eateries where tourists can find necessary items.

Solang Valley too does not have any great shopping opportunities. There are a few shops offering basic items. Some resorts and hotels in Solang Valley have gift shops from where tourists can buy handloom and handicraft items.

Tourist's Travel Route to Rohtang Pass / Solang Valley

The Rohtang Pass has excellent road connectivity from the Manali Kullu Valley. However a lot depends on the weather as the area experiences unpredictable snow storms and blizzards. People preferring trekking, can enjoy an adventurous journey from Manali or Shimla to the Rohtang Pass.

Solang Valley is just a few kilometres from Manali and a nicely paved road connects the town destinations. Private and public transport is available in Manali to ply visitors to Solang.

Manali is easily accessible by road, rail and air. The closest airport is at Bhuntar, Kullu about 50Km away. The closest well-connected railhead is the Ambala Cantt about 200Km from Manali. Excellent bus services to Manali are available from Delhi, Dharamshala, Shimla and Leh.

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Rohtang Pass Solang Valley
Rohtang Pass Solang Valley
Rohtang Pass Solang Valley
Rohtang Pass Solang Valley
Rohtang Pass Solang Valley
Rohtang Pass Solang Valley

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