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Bilaspur And Mandi

Better known as the first planned hill town of India, Bilaspur in Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful town. Bilaspur has a number of forts and is surrounded by exotic natural beauty that impresses tourists in the first look. The town came to limelight after the construction of the man-made Gobind Sagar Lake. The lake is the reservoir for the Bhakra Nangal Dam. The town that is seen in the present day in the new Bilaspur town; the old town of Bilaspur was submerged when the Sutlej River was restrained to build the dam.

About 66Km from Bilaspur is the serene town of Mandi. Mandi is built on the banks of the Beas River and is best known for its old temples and intricate carvings. It is also believed that Sage Mandvya meditated in Mandi and hence the name of the town.

Attraction for Tourists


Laxmi Narayan Temple (Bilaspur)

This temple was originally located in the Old town of Bilaspur and was submerged in the lake during construction of the Bhakra Nangal Dam. A new temple was constructed in the new town close to the bus stand. The temple houses idols of several Hindu gods and goddess.

Vyas Gufa Temple (Bilaspur)

This temple is located between the old town and the new town of Bilaspur. The temple is located at a height of 610m above sea level. It is believed that Vyas Rishi lived in this cave and even the name of the town traces to Rishi Vyas. The town was originally named as Vyaspur.

Bhutnath Temple (Mandi)

Located in the centre of Mandi, this temple is believed to be as old as the existence of Mandi. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. There is also a statue of Nandi facing the arch. The temple sees maximum activity during the festival of Shivratri.

Tarna Devi Temple or Syamakali Temple (Mandi)

This temple was built by Raja Syama Sen in the 17th century. The temple stands on the Tarna Hill overlooking the town.

Triloknath Shiva Temple (Mandi)

This temple has been built overlooking the river. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Adventures Options


There are a few good places to trek near Bilaspur. There are seven hills close to Bilaspur that are good for trekking. These hills include Naina Devi, Jhanjiar, Kot, Tiun, Bahadurpur, Bandala, and Rattanpur.

Mandi is a great place to enjoy trekking. The Janjhehli area about 67Km from Mandi is especially good for trekkers. A trek to the Shikari Devi Temple is recommended for trekkers. The temple is at a height of 3332 meters.

Para Gliding

Bilaspur is a wonderful destination to enjoy paragliding. The Bandla Mountain is the most suitable place. Mid-way between Mandi and Dharamshala is the Bir-Billing Valley ideal for paragliding.

Water Sports

The Govind Sagar Lake in Bilaspur is perfect for enjoying water sports such as surfing, kayaking, water-skiing, canoeing and white water river rafting. Water sports in Bilaspur are confined from August to January.

The Beas River in Mandi also offers opportunities for river rafting.

Best Tips

Some of the must-try dishes in Bilaspur include Malpude, Patrodu and Kachnar. Akroti, a sweet cake made from buckwheat and patande a type of pancake are a must-try in Mandi.

Bilaspur & Mandi Shopping

Shopping in Bilaspur is a completely different and enjoyable experience. There are colourful markets dotted around the town where tourists can find knick-knacks. Some of the best things to buy in Bilaspur include antiques, brassware, jewellery, etc. Handcrafted items made from wood, bamboo, stone, metals are a hit among tourists.
Mandi also has some good shopping options that tourists can take advantage of. There are several Tibetan shops offering Tibetan handcrafted goods, shawls and woollens. Mandi also has a few shopping plazas such as the RCM Shopping Point and the New Sarika Shopping Complex.

Tourist's Travel Route to Bilaspur & Mandi

Bilaspur is conveniently reachable from big cities like Shimla and Chandigarh by road. Regular bus service is available from these cities. Tourists can also hire private transport to get to Bilaspur. The closest airport to the town is at Chandigarh about 85Km away. The closest rail head is at Kiratpur Sahib 65Km from Bilaspur.

Travelling by road is the best way to reach Mandi. There is a good road service from Bilaspur to Mandi and bus service is also available. Other major cities of Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh are also connected to Mandi by road. The closest airport to Mandi is at Bhuntar about 60Km from Mandi.

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Bilaspur And Mandi
Bilaspur And Mandi
Bilaspur And Mandi
Bilaspur And Mandi
Bilaspur And Mandi
Bilaspur And Mandi

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