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Kinnaur Kalpa Sangla

Located high up in the Himalayas, Kinnaur is also known as the Land of Fairy tales. The region of Kinnaur boasts of lush valleys, gushing rivers, soaring peaks, vineyards and lots more. Kinnaur is located on the borders of Himachal Pradesh and Tibet and a lot of Tibetan influence can be seen in the culture and lifestyle of the locals.

The Kalpa village in the Kinnaur district is one of the most wonderful places in Kinnaur. From Kalpa tourists can enjoy the most stunning views of the peaks. The sunrise in Kalpa should not be missed. Kalpa is located 2758m above sea level and faces the Kinner Kailash range.

Around 57Km from Kalpa is the town of Sangla also the starting of the Sangla Valley. The valley is a part of the Kinnaur district. The Sangla Valley is also known as the Baspa valley named after the Baspa River flowing through it. Tourists should spend some time at the Sangla Meadow also known as the Sangla Kanda. The area is covered with lush greenery and is surrounded by snowy peaks. The natural surroundings of snow covered peaks and clean blue sky and fresh mountain air make the Kinnaur district worth visiting.

Attraction for Tourists


Hindu Temples (Kalpa)

It is a complex of wooden temples behind the gompa. The complex is set with the Kinner Kailash ranges in the background. There are wooden sculptures housed inside these temples.

Chandika Devi Temple (Kapa)

The temple is dedicated to Chandika Devi, the most worshipped local deity. The temple is also called as Devi Kothi and it features beautiful silver plated doors and exquisite wood carvings.

Bering Nag Temple (Sangla)

The temple is devoted to God Jagas. It is also the site for celebrations during the Fulaich Fair held between August and September.


Tibetan Buddhist temple (Kalpa)

It is a small gompa located in the heart of Kalpa. Tourists can enjoy wonderful views of the Kinner Kailash from the monastery.

Buddhist Monastery (Sangla)

Sangla has a strong influence of Buddhism. The monastery in the area is also a famous tourist attraction.

Adventures Options


The terrain of Kinnaur district gives rise to treks of varying difficulties. Throughout the treks different types of flora and fauna can be spotted. The Charang Ghati is one of the most adventurous treks in Kinnaur. The Hangrang Valley too has some rugged terrain that be challenging even for the most seasoned trekkers.

Some of the important trekking routes include the Bhaba Valley to Pin Valley; the Kinner Kailas Parikarma trek, the trek from Sangla to Dodra Kawar, trek from Sangla to Dhamwari and trek from Sangla to Barang. These treks can take from half a day to five or six days depending on the chosen trek.


The ski slopes around Kalpa are perfect for tourists to enjoy skiing.

Best Tips

The best time to visit Kinnaur is from April to October. The must try delicacies include Thupka, momos, rice with meat curry, chicken curry or vegetables. Tourists should taste the salted tea locally known as ‘Cha’.

Kinnaur / Kalpa / Sangla Shopping

The Kinnaur district is famous for its rugs, Kinnauri shawls, woollens and exclusive designs of gold and silver jewellery. The towns of Kalpa and Reckong Peo offer a colourful shopping experience. It is best for tourists to shop at Khadi Gram Udyog Centres to get authentic products.

The area is also famous for fresh fruits like apples, grapes, apricots, etc. Almonds, chilgozas and olgas can also be bought in the area.

Tourist's Travel Route to Kinnaur / Kalpa / Sangla

The town of Reckong Peo is the headquarters for the Kinnaur district. It is located about 235Km from Shimla. Travelling by road on the NH 22 is the best way of getting to Kinnaur. Bus service is available from Shimla to Kaza that travels along the Sutlej Route. The journey takes about 24 hours. There is another route from Manali to Kaza to Reckong Peo.

Kalpa sits 13Km above Rekong Peo and tourists can also opt to trek to the destination or take the road. Another route to reach Kalpa is the NH 22 that bifurcates at Powari leading to Kalpa.

The town of Sangla can be reached directly by bus from Shimla or Chandigarh.

Shimla is well-connected by air, road and rail making it easy for tourists to reach their point of interest.

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Kinnaur Kalpa Sangla
Kinnaur Kalpa Sangla
Kinnaur Kalpa Sangla
Kinnaur Kalpa Sangla
Kinnaur Kalpa Sangla
Kinnaur Kalpa Sangla

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