Mashobra is a small town located in the Shimla District of Himachal Pradesh. This picturesque town is located about 10Km from Shimla at an altitude of 2146m above sea level. Though located close to Shimla, Mashobra is not visited by many tourists and hence its beauty and surroundings are largely unspoilt. The town is located on the banks of the rivers Ganga and Indus. It is considered as the largest watershed in the entire of Asia.

Mashobra was developed by Lord Dalhousie in the 18th century. For those looking to get away from the crowded city life, Mashobra is a soothing destination. The town is also popular as one of the two presidential retreats in India. The hill station is surrounded by beautiful and dense coniferous forests. Tourists can enjoy beautiful views of the snow covered peaks of the Himalayas. The slopes of Himalayas make a natural border for the town.

Travelling around the town takes tourists through clear streams and fascinating scenes. There are quite a number of temples that have historical importance. The Reserve Forest Sanctuary is a must-visit attraction in Mashobra. The sanctuary is home to several rare species of plants and animals. The town also conducts the Mahasu Fair also known as the Mahasu Jatara. The festival is celebrated to honour the God Mahasu, the main god worshipped in the area. The celebrations last for two days in the Durga Devi Temple.

Mashobra is located within walking distance from Naldera, which is home to the oldest nine-hole golf course of India. The town is also within half an hour from the hot springs in Tattapani. Tourists can enjoy a wide range of water activities at Tattapani especially white water river rafting. At Tattapani rafting starts from three points namely Chabba, Sunni and Malghi. Mashobra is a bliss for adventure and nature lovers.

Attraction for Tourists


Durga Devi Temple

The temple is located on the Mahasu Peak and is believed to have been built by the Badoli rulers. It is the site of the Mahasu Fair. The celebration also includes archery competitions, presentation of folk songs and ethnic dances and goat sacrifice. Tourists can enjoy an adventurous trek up the slopes to reach the temple.

Mahasu Devta Temple

The temple is dedicated to the Mahasu Devta the local name for Lord Shiva. The temple attracts several visitors.

Adventures Options


There are a number of treks from Mashobra that tourists can enjoy. A trek to the Shali Peak is a must. It is the highest peak in the area. There are several winding paths around the town that can serve as good trekking trails.


Camping is one of the favourite activities among tourists to Mashobra. The camping facilities are provided amidst natural beauty and provide visitors with complete packages.


Mashobra is surrounded by several mountain slopes that can be climbed. It is best to enjoy mountaineering in the area with the help of an expert as the slopes are usually covered with snow can be difficult for novice climbers.

Best Tips

The local dhabas and eateries serve delicious stuffed parathas, chole bhature and puris. These eateries prepare the order instantly and serve hot food. The town is also famous for fresh fruits and vegetables. Tourists should definitely get the taste of fresh fruits while in Mashobra.

Mashobra Shopping

The best buys in Mashobra include pickles, jams and squashes. Every year in June a local bazaar is held where shops sell woollens clothing such as jackets, sweaters, gloves, hand-knitted socks, etc. There are not many shops in Mashobra and tourists can find only items of basic necessities. For an extensive shopping experience it is best to visit Shimla, which is around 10Km from Mashobra.

Tourist's Travel Route to Mashobra

Mashobra is located about 12 Km from Shimla and has good road connectivity. The town is also connected to other major cities of India such as Amritsar, Delhi and Chandigarh. The roads are well-maintained. Buses, taxis and private vehicles can be used to reach Mashobra.

The closest railway station is in Shimla. It is a narrow gauge line connecting to Kalka. Kalka is linked to several major cities by rail. The closest airport is also in Shimla, the Jubbarhatti Airport. The airport operates flights to Delhi.

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