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Fagu Narkanda

A small village located about 23Km from Shimla, Fagu is popular for its scenic surroundings and peaceful ambiance. The village is about 6Km further from Kufri and serves as a base camp for campers, trekkers and nature enthusiasts. There are several fruit orchards around Fagu that are good for exploring. Tourists can also trek around the forest surrounding Fagu.

Fagu is located at an altitude of 2510m above sea level and impresses anyone who visits the area. Tourists to Fagu should observe the night view from Fagu. They can observe views of the longitudinal display of light falling on the Himalayas. These lights are from Theog a town where human settlements are placed parallel to the Himalayan slopes.

Narkanda is located 43Km from Fagu at an altitude of 2708m. The town is located on the Hindustan Tibet Road in the surroundings of Shivalik Ranges. During the winter months, Narkanda serves as a skiing resort and is popular for winter sports. The Tannu Jabar Lake is among the most visited places in the town. Narkanda is also not far from the apple cultivation area of Kotgarh.

Narkanda is surrounded by beautiful forests of fir and spruce. The area introduced skiing in the year 1980 and since then regular skiing courses are conducted in the area. The town is a suitable destination for tourists looking to relax in natural surroundings and also for those looking to enjoy some exciting activities.

Attraction for Tourists


Banthia Devta Temple (Fagu)

The temple is dedicated to the local god Bantha. The temple gives an insight into the rich culture and art of the region. The delicate and detailed wood carving on the temple walls is an example of the excellent craftsmanship of the locals.

Mahamaya Temple (Narkanda)

This historic temple is located about 7Km from Narkanda and is devoted to Goddess Kali. The temple is surrounded by scenic meadows, lush greenery and rising mountains.

Hatu Temple (Narkanda)

The temple is perched atop the Hatu Peak. It is one of the main temples in the area. The temple features intrinsic wood carvings. The temple is dedicated to the Hateshwari Mata. The views from the temple area are amazing. Close to the temple is a small lake.

Adventures Options


There are several exciting trekking options around Fagu. The nearby countryside and the mountains give visitors excellent choices of trekking. Narkanda too offers some great trekking options. Trekking up the Hatu Peak is one of them. The Hatu Peak offers amazing views of the entire region.

There are also several walking and hiking trails in the forests surrounding Fagu and Narkanda.


Narkanda is a ski resort town. The slopes of Narkanda get covered with snow during the winters and thousands of tourists throng the town. Fagu is located close to Kufri just 6Km away, which is one of the most sought after ski resorts in Himachal Pradesh.


The mountains in the surroundings of Fagu and Narkanda are good for mountain climbing. The activity can become challenging and difficult during the winter months when it snows heavily in the area.

Best Tips

Tourists should try the food served at the local dhabas, it is truly delicious. The local speciality in Narkanda is ‘Siddu’ which is made from wheat flour filled with mincemeat or khus khus. The dish is eaten with ghee or clarified butter.

Fagu & Narkanda Shopping

Fagu and Narkanda do not offer exotic shopping. There are a few shops that sell handicrafts, woollens and shawls. Tourists can find small shops lined along the main streets of Fagu and Narkanda.

Tourist's Travel Route to Fagu & Narkanda

Fagu is well-connected by road from all the major cities of Himachal Pradesh. It is about 23Km from Shimla and public and private transportation can be availed easily. The nearest railhead (narrow gauge) to Fagu is at Shimla. Regular train service is available from Shimla to Kalka. Kalka is further connected to other major cities. The nearest airport is Jubbarhatti near Shimla.

Narkanda can be reached easily by road. The town is about 65Km from Shimla; buses and taxis connect Shimla to Narkanda. The closest narrow gauge railhead is at Shimla and nearest broad gauge railhead is at Kalka (155Km). The Shimla airport Jubbarhatti is the closest airport to Narkanda. Jubbarhatti has direct flights to Delhi three times in a week.

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Fagu Narkanda
Fagu Narkanda
Fagu Narkanda
Fagu Narkanda
Fagu Narkanda
Fagu Narkanda

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