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Manali Zoo

Towering pine forests, breathtaking vistas and scintillating orchards – all allude to the beauty of the Manali Zoo and its peripheral surroundings. This zoo excels in the splendid display of the enriched bio diversity of the Himalayan Wildlife. Spread across a huge area of greenery, it provides the optimum environment for the well being of the animals and birds it houses.


Often referred to as the “Valley of the Gods”, this place derives its name from the Hindu law maker of mankind, Manu. Legend has it that this is the place where the sage had recreated human life after a great flood had devastated the world. A temple dedicated to Manu still stands to this day. The modern day Manali is said to have been founded by the British colonizers. In earlier ages, the primary occupation of the native inhabitants used to be agricultures until the British introduced plantations of apples. And it was not until the late 1980s that Manali stood out and gained prominence as a dream tourist destination.


Elevation 2050 meters (6730 feet)
Coordinates of Manali 32.27°N 77.17°E
Coordinates of Manali Zoo 32.23°N 77.18°E
District Kullu
Uppermost Region Old Manali

This dream destination rests in a cocoon of a diversified topography. Needless to say, the majestic Himalayas actually complement the green slopes of the snow laden mountains and the gorgeous deep seated valleys. The ripples of the numerous streams which flow throughout the length and breadth of this land and the confluence of the Sutlej and Beas rivers have never failed to entice tourists again and again. At times the topography becomes jagged which gradually mesh with the verdant meadows. The average temperature throughout the year ranges from 4°C to 20°C.

The Manali Zoo

The zoo was established with the primary objective of preserving and conserving the very rare birds of the region. It is patronized by both the tourist department and the forest department. Since its inception, this factor has been the specialization and the main attraction of the Manali Zoo. This is an exceptional feature as certain species of these birds like pheasants are not found in any other zoos, forests or conservatories of the neighboring regions. The fauna housed in this zoo also include rare and endangered species of various reptiles, mammals and other animals.

The barking deer, Kashmir flying squirrel, the Himalayan palm civet, yellow throated marten, black bear flying fox, stripped hyena, brown bear, leopards and the state bird Monal are found here. The adult male Monals preserved here have long metallic green crests with multicolored plumage. These were hunted for these crests until in 1982, when it was banned. Special care is taken by the forest depart of the state government for protection of the animals and especially the endangered species with the help of spacious cages.

How To Reach

By Road

Luxury Volvo buses ply frequently from Shimla Chandigarh and Delhi to Manali. These are run by both Himachal Tourism and the Himachal Road Transport Corporation. From Delhi it’s at a distance of 570 km and it takes 14 hrs to reach and from Shimla the distance is 270 km.

By Rail

The nearest narrow and broad gauge railway stations are at Chandigarh (350 km), Ambala (360 km) and Jogindernagar (50 km). Having reached these places, you can charter a taxi or bus or car rentals to reach Manali.

By Air

Bhuntar is the nearest airport situated at an approximate distance of 50 km from Manali. One can also travel to Chandigarh airport and hire a cab subsequently.

What To Carry

Apart from the warm clothes to protect yourself from the cold, it is desirable that you carry a camera or camcorder. You can’t really afford to miss out on storing the scenic beauty and the amazing wildlife in your cameras forever. Besides, cotton clothes,the right type of grooved footwear are essential for comfort and easy locomotion respectively.

Best Time To Visit

The climate in general is a salubrious one throughout the year. The nature is in its full bloom especially during April till June and during the period from September to October. Besides, if you are interested in witnessing the snowfall, you can visit Manali in late December since January and February experience the same.

Where To Stay

It is a plausible option to check in at hotels in Manali for expedited access to the Manali Zoo and other surrounding places of interest. There are budget hotels like Hotel Holiday Cottages and Hotel Honeymoon Inn, luxury hotels like De Vivendi, Hotel Banon Resorts and Hotel Snow Valley Resorts and premium ones like Hotel Snow Park and Hotel Rajhans.

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Manali Zoo
Manali Zoo
Manali Zoo
Manali Zoo
Manali Zoo
Manali Zoo

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