Mahu Nag Fair

The heavenly beautiful state of India, Himachal Pradesh has lots of fairs and festivals which are celebrated here. It magnetizes huge number of tourists from different parts of India.  Even the tourists from abroad have started acknowledging the fact that this beautiful state has many events full of colors, gaiety, enthusiasm and playfulness which makes it worth visiting.  Moreover, many fairs/festivals traces religious and spiritual splendor beside the amount of cheerfulness and jollity.  The Mahu Nag Fair is an important fair out of these colorful events.

The Mahu Nag Fair is celebrated in the Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh every year. This colorful fair is an annual event which attracts the pilgrims and devotees in huge number to visit the Mahu Nag Temple on Sanskranti Day. Moreover, the religious dedication united with merriment brings wonderful blend on this sacred event. During this festive time of fair, not only the local people but also the visitors from different corners of country show their devotion to the religiousness of the event. The scenic surroundings get enriched with holiness, sacredness and divineness.

On such festivals and fairs, the people generally speak religious and spiritual talks. They keep themselves free of daily work. Special and variety of food is cooked with gusto.  Moreover, people also wear exotic, neat and clean attires. They adorn themselves with graceful, attractive and aesthetic ornaments. The activities related to worship and devotion is carried out at the temple with conventional uniqueness.  Various songs are sung aloud together and different folk dances are performed.

Moreover, the numerous fairs and festivals celebrated in Himachal Pradesh are rooted by cultural worth, economic requirements and the time which has been realized by the residents every once in a short time. This all, in later times took the shape of traditions. However, the pilgrims who visit this beautiful fair of Mahu Nag just can’t help themselves from exploring the stalls which sell all sorts and variety of knick knacks / curios to take home. The pilgrims also take immense pleasure in visiting the nearby temples of the heavenly beautiful state.

Well, the Mahunag Temple is devoted to the snake God ‘Anantha Sheesha’. This is a small but a very popular temple of Naldehra. The main deity of the region is the snake God and from this very deity is the area derived its name from. The Temple is positioned at the height of one thousand eight hundred thirty meters in the middle of the renowned Naldehra Golf Course. The temple is tastefully built in the Pahari way. It is visited by almost everybody who pays a visit to the town. Moreover, the Karsog Valley is visible from one side of the temple and the northern Himalayas on other.

Month of Celebration of The Festival

Dev Mahu Nag fair is an annual fair. The fair is celebrated in Mandi District during the month of April. The fair is a religious and colorful event. During this fair, the Gods and Goddesses of all religions are carried mutually to create and commemorate a magnificent blend. This annual fair fascinates huge devotees and tourists. They pay a visit to Mahu Nag Temple on the chief Sanskranti Day. Moreover, the beauty of this temple is also a centre of attraction for visitors.

Description About Mahu Nag Fair

This is a five-day long historical and immensely spiritual Devta Mela. It begins with the puja of Mahu Nag who is the main deity of old Suket estate i.e. Sundernagar. More than 150 devtas are brought at this religious fair from different divisions of Mandi district. After the inauguration of fair is done, people take out a colorful procession. Devotees, pilgrims and tourists participate in this procession in large number and it looks like as if their eagerness and devotion identify no bounds. The Mahu Nag fair really presents a cultural and traditional glimpse.

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