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World Tourism Day

The United Nations World Tourism Organization has been celebrating the World Tourism Day, since 1980. It is celebrated every year on 27th September. Initially this day was chosen in the year 1970, and was given the status of UNWTO. Today this day is passionately celebrated amongst all the countries. Tourism has become an integral part of revenue generation these days. The role of tourism industry has been properly emphasized, as it is one of the main revenue generating businesses. Also it generates enough employment opportunity for qualified and energetic individuals.

In earlier times, tourism was an activity that was meant to promote social, cultural and traditional awareness. It was in the year 1997, the UNWTO General Assembly voted to have a host country which will change every year. The host country will act as an Organization partner for celebrating the event for the World Tourism Day.

The 15th session was held in Beijing China, in the year 2003. It was at this summit it was decided to follow the specific pattern for the World Tourism Day. In 2006 it was Europe, then South Asia in 2007, the United States of America in 2008, and 2009 it was Africa, Middle East hosted the program in the year 2011 and Spain in 2012.

Month of Celebration of World Tourism Day

As stated above, World Tourism Day is celebrated on 27th September every year.

Description About World Tourism Day

In the year 2013, the United Nations International Year of Water Corporation declared that the day will be celebrated as Tourism and Water –Protection Our Common Future. The whole intention is to lay emphasis on the importance of water as well, which is quite precious. Through this celebration a message of using water safely is conveyed to all the people of the world.

There are many activities and competitions that are organized on this particular day. All the details about the celebration can be gathered from the official website of the UN.  The 2013 Tourism Day is expected to be celebrated in Maldives in the year 2103, 27th September.  UN is expected to discuss many issues related to promoting the tourism and secured usage of water this year.

The head of the UN usually discuss about implementing different things that will promote tourism, and make it quite affordable for the people. Until couple of years ago, travelling was restricted to few people, which didn’t earn enough for the people. However things have changed due to many changes that have been implemented for promoting them.

Clean and drinkable water is every ones right, and there are no two opinions about it. Thus tourism industry is working on promoting the concept of clean water amongst their members. Apart from that special plan has been rolled out for developing better hotels, transportation facilities, and other things that are required for promoting tourism. In fact these are the basic things required for promoting tourism in the country.

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