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Winter Carnival Manali

Manali is one of the most beautiful hill stations located in Himachal Pradesh, India.  It is situated on an attitude of 6500 feet above sea level, which makes it one of the coolest and beautiful places in the country. There are lots of valleys, and sightseeing places that mesmerize the visitors. Since ages, it has always been the favorite destination of the country, where visitors come to beat off the harsh summer.

The people here follow rich culture and tradition, which is still practiced with interest and pride. No doubt all these things still make it famous and desired places in India. The people of this beautiful hill station are still untouched with the modern changes and are quite happy leading simple life.

This is one of the reasons why they are always happy and lead a longer life, as compared to ones who live in cities. Apart from enjoying the snow capped mountain, valleys, and colorful life, visitors can participate in the winter carnival that is organized every year by the authorities. It is organized with a  dual intention. The first one is of course to keep alive the tradition and culture amongst the people. And the other reason is to attract more tourists.

During this time, you will witness the ski slopes of Manali be occupied by the thrill seekers ready for competition. Numerous base camps are also arranged so as to provide the best opportunities to the participants. During festival, many cultural programs are organized by the event organizers. Folk dance, traditional street plays, sports, and other types of programs are organized. The rich tradition of the state is manifested during such celebration. People here are quite often seen dressed up in their traditional outfits and look strikingly beautiful.

Month of Celebration of The Winter Carnival Festival

As the name of the festival says, it is celebrated in winters mainly in the month of February and people from across the globe come here to enjoy the festivities. The 13th carnival was celebrated in Manali from 9th to 13th February in 2013.

Description About The Festival

The tradition of carnival started way back in the year 1977 and the first festival was organized by the Chief Minister, Late Dr. Y.S. Parmar. Well, the credit for celebrating this carnival goes to Shri Harnam Singh, who was the founder of the WHMI. It is the former name of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports.

The whole reason for outlining such a festival was to popularize the skiing activities amongst the visitors of the place. In those days, many competitions were organized with the sole intention of promoting this particular activity. Both national and international players participated in the games. This can be termed as the beginning of the Manali Carnival.

Since then the festival has been organized uniquely, with the sole intention of promoting tourism in the State. Apart from various sporting events, the management of the carnival also organizes different cultural programs to let the people know the rich tradition of the State. The festival was tried to be organized differently, so that visitors could enjoy them thoroughly. Some of the programs were successful, while others were not.

However the management tried to make many positive changes, with the sole intention of promoting tourism. It was then in the year 1993, the Manu Kala Kendra collaborated with Trios Mumbai club to organize cultural competition, during the Winter Carnival season. It was a major hit, and now it is no longer looked up as a celebration which organizes sporting events only.

Tourists welcomed such a celebration with open hands and since then it has become a significant event to visit, as all other places are. It was in the year 2008, the Manali Winter Carnival was fully recognized and can be said was organized in the desired manner. The tourists could enjoy the sports and tradition programs simultaneously. The perspective changed, and people now come to visit this place to enjoy the sightseeing and participate in the Carnival as well.

Also, visitors are encouraged to participate in such cultural programs, and with this intention the 250 meter stretch of Manali Mall is converted into a celebrating place. If you are planning to visit this heavenly place, then check with your tour operator to find out what interesting packages they might have for you.

The state has collaborated with many tour operators to design a lucrative travel package for their clients. In order to avoid any last minute confusion, you can book for the package well in advance, may be during Christmas or New Year Time.

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