Hamir Utsav

HamirUtsav is a cultural festival that is celebrated amidst much splendor by the people of Hamirput district in Himachal Pradesh. The festival is conducted to celebrate the existence of the district, which was bought into effect in 1972. Fairs and exhibitions are conducted on a grand scale and you can see the locals dressed in traditional attire indulging in folk dance and music routines. The two-day festival is known attract thousands of people on an annual basis.

Month of Celebration of the Festival

The HamirUtsav is celebrated each year during the first week of November.  One of the main aims of this festival is to celebrate the existence of the Hamirpur district. The picturesque town of Hamirpur can be located 100 km Southeast of the famous city of Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. The town is situated at a height of 2578 feet and is known for its rich traditions and vibrant culture. Hamirpur derives its name from Raja Hamir Chand who was a ruler from the Katoch dynasty who took over the reigns from 1700-1740 AD. It should be noted that the history of Hamirpurcan be dated back to the Vedic age. According to Puranas and the Ashtadyayi Panini, it is said that the town was under the rule of the Trigartaempire and was also a part of Jalandhar.  The texts referred to the people of this region as warriors, which rings true even today when you consider a good portion of the youth from this town are part of the army.
Until the year 1966, Hamirpur was part of the Punjab Province. Following a restructuring exercise made by the government, Hamirput along with one of the neigbouring regions was made an official part of Himachal Pradesh. A separate district of Hamirpur was created during the 1st of September in 1972. The locals of this region like to conduct the HamirUtsav to celebrate existence of Hamirpur district.

Description about HamirUtsav

This two day state festival is celebrated with a lot of fanfare and splendor. The rich cultural traditions of the locals come out in full display during the HamirUtsav celebrations. In different parts of the districts, a numbers of fairs and cultural events take place that have music and dance shows. People dress up in their traditional attire and form groups while dancing to the specific drum beats of accompanying musicians.

Locals from Hamirput and other neighboring districts towns all come together to take part in traditional folk music and dance routines, which are conducted during the festival. The cultural significance of HamirUtsav can be witnessed through cultural programs like Jheras and Jatras. The festival is often known to draw thousands of people on an annual basis. Fairs and exhbitions are also set up in the open grounds of several schools to cater to huge influx of visitors. A festival like HamirUtav set in a picturesque backdrop among hilltops can turn out to be an invigorating experience for all visitors. During the Utsav, pujas are also conducted in the evenings where people make their offerings at the local Shiva temple.

People who visit Hamirpur to witness HamirUtsav, can also benefit from a bit of sightseeing among all the scenic backdrops that the region has been blessed with. There are popular temples, markets, picnic spots and other recreational outlets that can be perfect stress buster to help you unwind. Tourists also try out activities like rock climbing, trekking and mountain climbing in areas in and around Hamirpur.

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