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Ice Skating Carnival In Shimla Or Dalhousie

The Ice skating carnival in Shimla Dalhousie is conducted annually every year on a grand scale. The ice skating rink apart from being the biggest in the country also happens to be the largest natural rink in Asia. Being in close proximity to PirPanjar, Dhauladar, Shivalik and the Himalayas, the city is blessed with the perfect weather to conduct full-fledged winter sports for visiting tourists. No wonder the ice skating carnival happens to be one of the most sought after hot spots in Himachal Pradesh.

While skating facilities are even available in places like Leh and Gulmarg, Shimla in Himachal Pradesh is much favoured owing to its easy accessibility to the touring public. The city is also beautiful at this time of the year which allows people to visit several places that are a must watch on any visitors list. The state is known for its scenic backdrops amidst snow-clad mountains making it a highly popular tourist destination. It is quite often also known as the “Abode of God” among many tourist circles. The name Shimla is derived from the word ”Shyamala”, which is one of the other names of Goddess Kali whose shrine is located in the city.

Month of Celebration of the Carnival

The ice skating carnival in Shimla begins in the month of December and is known to last till February.  The snowfall during this time of the year is heavy making the ice hard and suitable for all kinds of sporting competitions. The carnival is managed by the Skating Club of Shimla, which has been successfully running the program at the rink for over 60 years. The carnival is celebrated with a lot of pomp and splendor in Himachal Pradesh and has a huge influx of visitors each year.

Description About Ice Skating Carnival in Shimla/ Dalhousie

The ice skating carnival of Shimla is located in Dalhousie. The annually held carnival allows visitors to indulge in ice-skating, skiing, figure skating,chain tags, speed hockey, and ice hockey. The carnival also conducts dance shows and fancy dress competitions, which has become a huge hit with the crowd.

All types of tourists from both home and abroad often frequent the Shimla skating rink. For beginners, there are trained skiers who will provide the necessary guidance for which a nominal fee is charged. All basic equipment’s required for skiing are available at the rink.  These include skates, kneepads, caps and winter sport gears. Membership is also provided to visitors on a short term and long-term basis depending upon how long they would like to be stationed in Dalhousie. People are allowed passes for a days use as well.

Trained skiers who are known to bring their own skiing equipment also frequent the rink.  You can often see them take part in competitions like ice hockey and speed hockey. Even people who are not interested in skiing can have a good time at the rink by just observing all its participants during the carnival.

The carnival conducts a couple of sessions each day in the morning and in the evening. During the afternoons, the club is generally closed down because the ice sometimes tends to melt a little making the surface slippery. A large hanging balloon from the nearby municipal building is often used as a signal to notify visitors if the skating rink would be opened for the day.

The ice skating carnival in Shimla/Dalhousie attracts thousands of visitors on an annual basis. Even for the uninitiated skiing can be a fun and exhilarating exercise. It helps to develop good body balance, strong limbs, rhythm and is also known to enhance concentration levels considerably.  There are a lot of tourists who come down to Shimla each year to be part of the carnival and indulge in all kinds of winter sports.

Shimla offers excellent transport facilities for all visitors. The city has its own airport and you can take a flight to Delhi from where you can catch another flight to any part of the country. By road, Shimla is an overnight journey by bus from Delhi. Chandigarh is closer to the city and usually takes 3 to 4 hours of travel by bus. The city offers extensive bus service to all kinds of travellers. Shimla has a meter gauge rail way station so connectivity through trains is fairly limited. The closest broad gage station is at Kalka, which is about 90 km from Shimla. Kalka stations offers connectivity to some of the major cities which includes Delhi, Chandigarh, Ambala and Kolkata.

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