Lavi Fair

The state of Himachal Pradesh is considered one of the most picturesque locations because of the presence of Himalayan mountain range.  This has also resulted to some of most beautiful hill stations revered by travellers from all over the world. Moreover the prevailing cultural history of the state and the essence of religion have also give birth to various celebrated festivals at times, every year. The Lavi fair held in the city of Rampur which is around 130 km from Shimla is one the most visited fair in the state. The city of Rampur with the presence of River Sutlej had once been a major trade route of India. Owing to the importance and in order to celebrate the same, the traditional International Lavi Fair was getting organized for more than 300 years. Rampur is one major entry point Tibet, Kinnaur, Afghanistan and Ladakh and was considered as a major trade route. In fact it is still now considered as a trading destination as the many traders visit Rampur every year to sell things like wool, dry fruits etc. However with the passage of time and moreover bestowing upon several external factors, the trading is not that popular now-a-days, and it is the fair that became a symbol to represent the importance of trading.

The Lavi fair has attained international heights and the Government of Himachal Pradesh is consciously giving sincere efforts for its betterment.

To trace the historical origin of the festival, the name Lavi Fair is mentioned in the history of Bushair State. It was once a time that a trade treaty was signed with Bushair State and Tibet, under the administration of Raja Kesar Singh. The further signing of agreement also marks exchange of swords and horses within them to signify the mark of friendship. The trade relationship with other countries was once a vital affair. However with the progress of time and the annexation of Tibet under the hand of China had jeopardised the trade affair.

Month of Celebration of The Festival

The International Lavi Fair of Rampur is held every year during the month of November. Flocks of tourists along with traders from far flung places gather here to celebrate this joyous occasion. It is a three days festival is held every year from 11-14 of November.

Description About Lavi Fair

Lavi Fair hosts number of shops to facilitate traders to be a part of the fair in an organized fashion. The inauguration is marked with great festive spirit by churning water from River Sutlej and thus marks the start of the fair. With lot of traders taking participation in this event, one major thing to look out for is the availability of local homemade products which is one popular attraction. Moreover the “Pashmina” wool of Himachal Pradesh is another major thing to check out for. The agricultural products and dry fruits are also a part of the trading and are found in abundance. However the most interesting trade as seen in the fair is selling of horses. The ‘Chaumukhi’ horse, which is found in the nearby tribal areas are also brought here for sale.   Besides that the fair also trades black cumin, woollen pattoos and various other local products. The people of Himachal Pradesh eagerly wait’s every year for this event since it is the best time to check out all local made products at one single location. It is not only the local people, but travellers from various part of the world visits especially during this time to be a part of it.

The Lavi Fair has always been an important event from the bygone days when trading was in full swing and still now it is one of the most important fair since it gives an opportunity for remote traders to be a part of the festival and sell their goods which eventually bring money and recognition among the people. The fair is organized with great pride and the traders make all necessary plans to be a part of the event every year, without failure.

In order to visit the fair, it is better to plan well-ahead because of the heavy rush of tourists. Rampur hosts number of hotels for accommodation and one can also travel from Shimla to be a part of this grand celebration.

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