Renuka Fair

The state of Himachal Pradesh is renowned for its festivals and fairs. Every year, thousands of locals as well as tourists gather to celebrate a number of festivals in the wondrous state of Himachal Pradesh. One of these fairs is the Renuka Fair. The Renuka Fair is a one-of event, organized to pay homage to Mother Renuka’s huge sacrifice. It is an international fair which is organised every year near the Renuka Lake in the Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh. It provides a wonderful ambience as well as a unique macroscopic view of the Indian traditions and culture.

When the fair is on, the entire district comes alive with all sorts of lights and sounds and the sensory experience is paramount. With colourful vistas everywhere, the beauty of Himachal Pradesh is apparent during this time. Stalls are set up and locals sell a variety of items, especially designed keeping in mind the tourist populace that visits the valley for the Renuka Fair. Numerous rituals are also part of the fair.

Month of Celebration of The Festival

Inaugurated on the eve of the Devpramodini Akadshi and it is visited by lakhs of tourists every year. Renuka Fair is organised in the month of November every year. It gets its name from the Renuka Lake at the banks of which it is organised. The lake forms the perfect backdrop for this cultural fiesta. Locals, as well as tourists from across the world, celebrate the fair with great fervour every year. A great number of attendees include Hindus of all castes, creed and sects for whom this Fair hold special religious importance.

The area around the Renuka Lake, where this fair is organised, is a sight for sore eyes. Blessed with abundant beauty, the valleys of Himachal Pradesh form the perfect setting of an international fair. The Renuka Fair is an exotic affair and the fair was granted international status in 2011. The district of Sirmour, where this fair is organised, is rich in fauna and the sheer beauty of the region is what excites the visitors.

Description About Phulaich Fair

During the month of November, the Sirmour district of the state of Himachal Pradesh comes alive with all sorts of festivities and the Renuka Fair is one of the biggest fairs organized in the country. This five-day fair is celebrated in the first fortnight of the month of November. Since Himachal Pradesh is a hilly region, the climate in November borders of chilly and the wonderful vistas make the trip worth it.

The Renuka fair is held to honour the sacrifice of Parshuram’s mother –Renuka – after whom the lake is also named. On the orders of her husband – Parshuram’s father – Renuka was killed at the hands of her son. It is this sacrifice of a mother and wife that the Fair honours, and numerous rituals are organized accordingly. The temples of both Parshuram and Renuka are located on the banks of the Renuka Lake, close to where the Fair itself is organized.

On the very first day of the fair, a simple ritual begins the festivities: a procession is taken out from the Jamu village to the Giri river-bank. At the head of this procession is a silver palanquin on which sits an idol of Lord Parshuram. Before Parshuram’s procession reaches the spot, other local deities are carried in a similar manner and once the procession with the idol of Parshuram at its head reaches, all other mini-processions join the festivities and together they march to the site of the fair.

One of the major attractions at the Renuka Fair is the liberal display of various dance-forms performed by the indigenous populace of this region of Himachal Pradesh. The villagers prepare for months in advance and put on an extensive show for the enjoyment of the general public as well as tourists. Apart from the elaborate dances, other attractions include numerous stalls selling a variety of stuff. Local artefacts and handicrafts are a big hit with the international tourists visiting the fair.

Another one-of-a-kind ritual which is a part of the Renuka Fair involves a unique exchange of turbans or a handful of water. By doing this under the auspices of the local deity, the participants are then dubbed brothers and sisters and the entire ritual is aimed at celebrating brotherhood and the spirit of humanity.

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