Minjar Fair

Minjar Fair is an annual fare that is celebrated in a state of India named Himachal Pradesh. Folks from across the world assemble during this time in order to offer prayers to the Laxmi Narayan Temple and celebrations go on throughout the week.

The Minjar Yarta which is a religious and sacred procession usually starts from the Nagar Parishad Bhawan after a lingering Puja ceremony in the hallowed Raghunath temple which is situated in Ashland Chandi Palace, and then passes through the religious Laxmi Narayan Temple and culminates at the historic Chaughan. Local people and folks from different places gather and take blessings from the holy temples.

There gathers huge rush of pilgrims and devotees from all over the country and across the globe. The fair begins with offerings of 'mina'. It consists of a clump of paddy plant and golden silk which is wrapped in red fabric. The contributions also include a rupee, a seasonal fruit and coconut. A flag hoisting ceremony at the Chaugan that initiates a week of cultural and social programmes is also celebrated on this event. The celebrations of paddy and maize crops grown can be found in full swings during this period of year.  The picture of the deity, Lord Raghuvira and more than 200 deities are carried in a procession. It is taken in a chariot which is pulled by ropes. The celebrations also include the folk dances and music performances of Kunjari Malhar.

Month of Celebration of The Festival

Minjar Fair is celebrated on the second Sunday of the month of Shravana, parallel to the month of August according to Gregorian calendar. The Minjar fair commences from the last Sunday of July and goes on for till one week with great magnificence, enthusiasm and delight. The week long International fair starts when the Minjar flag is lifted in historical Chowgan.  During this festive period, Chamba turns into a colorful look with each and every person turning out in best clothes. The rush of pilgrims and devotees can be seen extreme high during this fair.

Description About Minjar Fair

The fair symbolizes the triumph of the Raja of Chamba over sovereign of Trigarta (now known as Kangra). The triumph took place in 935 AD.

As per some Legends, in the 10th century, the river Ravi used to flow through Chamba town. The Champawati temple was located on the right bank of the river and Hari Rai temple was located on its left. During that period, a saint used to live in the Champawati temple. He used to swim across the river every morning to carry out worship at the Hari Rai temple. Once, the Saint was asked by the Raja and the denizens of Chamba to make provisions to facilitate everybody to visit the sacred Hari Rai temple. Raja along with his subjects were asked by the saint to gather at the Champawati temple. Some Brahmins from Banaras assisted him in arranging a yajna for seven days. The Brahmins made  a string of seven different colors and named it Minjar. After the completion of Yajna, the river changed its path and everyone was able to visit Hari Rai temple.

On the final day of the fair, a parade is carried out from the Akhand Chandi Palace to the sacred Ravi River. Here the offerings are made to the waters. This memorializes a happening in which Raja Sahil Verman changed the path of the Ravi River.

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