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Kazas Ladarcha Fair Lahaul And Spiti

The fairs and festivals that happen in Himachal Pradesh display the joyous spirits of the region. Among all these festivals, Ladarch Fair represents a meeting of the culture between the traders of Ladakh, Spiti and Kinnaur region. This fair is held at Kaza, headquarter of the Spiti sub-division.

This fair was actually a meeting place for the traders of Rampur Bashar, Ladakh and Spiti to barter the local produce that they had created. This fair used to happen in Kibbar Maidan in Spiti. But due to the closure of the Tibetan traders the fair duly shifted its base to the Kaza region and is visited by a large number of traders, visitors and tourists.

The Kaza’s Ladarch Fair in Lahaul and Spiti is a really renowned fair in the region of Himachal Pradesh. This fair has a historical significance and is thus known as the most conspicuous fair in all over the region. This fair indicates the cessation of the summer season and the commencement of monsoons. Since this fair is located in the northern region of India, it mostly remains covered with snow.

Since summer is a welcome month for most of these traders they love to enjoy it with full entertainment. This is because they get relief from the adversities of the nature during this period. This period also marks the beginning of the trekking season therefore a lot of tourists from all over the world visit this place for trekking trips to the mountains and like to enjoy the exquisite beauty of Himachal Pradesh.

Month of Celebration of The Festival

In the previous times, this fair used to be held in the 3rd week of august. But as it shifted base it came to be known as Kazas Ladarcha fair Lahaul and Spiti, it is now held during the month of July. This festival goes on for more than a fortnight after its commencement.

Description About Kazas Ladarcha Fair Lahaul & Spiti

The traders within the region of Lahual, and Spiti extending till the Kullu region gather every year ritually at Kaza to barter their goods. They do this to revive the old tradition of the barter system. These traders coming from the north of Himalayas get goods like pashmina, salt, gold, Tibetan tea leaves etc. they trade from the people living in the south with goods like brass, steel and copper utensils, dry fruits etc. The local dance and music is also encouraged during this festival.

This fair is almost like a shopping delight for the tourists. A lot of handloom garments, and traditional items are also available at the fair for sale. These items are handcrafted by the locals. Churmuthi horses are one of the major draw of the fair. These are specially bred horses from the region of Spiti. The tourists coming here can treat themselves with the local families and they can also attend to the religious discourses that Lamas hold during the fair. Horse race and a procession of Yaks are also held at the fair.

Trade has always been important since ancient times; this is the reason why trade routes served as important place for the commercial exchange of goods. Keylong, is a place at the leeward side of the Himalayas. A fair is also held here every year during the month of July. This place was important during the ancient times as commercial exchange and route for bartering goods. But in due course of time it lost the significance as barter system was stopped and exchanges closed.Now, there are a lot of reasons behind the closure of this trade and the most significant among them is the loss of independence of the nation. But, now, people strive to revive the glory of Him

achal Pradesh and thus they started this fair again in Spiti.

Since this fair is held as a promotion of handcrafted goods and articles. This is also a place for the association of people irrespective of caste, class and religion. Therefore, this fair also imparts tolerance against other human beings and communities.

The Haryali fair is also held along with the Kazas Ladarcha fair. This fair announces the arrival of the monsoon season and is also known as Rhyali or Dakhrain. This fair also holds a live Buffalo fighting session and it is the most popular amongst the crowd.

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