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Best Time To Visit Himachal Pradesh

Don’t Miss the Himachal Seasons

Himachal Pradesh carries a varied geographic pattern. The southern region of the Himachal Pradesh is located at a lower height where climate is almost equal to that of the plain regions of India. Contrastingly, northern areas of the state are located at a very high elevation and are mostly made up of hilly areas. This makes the state to possess a temperate summer climate and an extremely freezing winter with heavy snowfall, welcoming the tourists who visit this state during this period.

An ideal climate to visit the Himachal Pradesh is totally dependent on the nature of activity that we would like to perform there. Beautiful fragrance of the spring, activity filled summer, the romantic chronicle of the rains, freezing cold during peak winter are all wonderful situations displayed by Himachal Pradesh. It’s up to a person to decide his time of visit.

An Ideal Time to Visit Himachal Pradesh

The best time to visit Himachal Pradesh may change slightly depending on the particular region that we are interested to trip. For example, if we need to enjoy the panoramic view of the hill stations in Himachal Pradesh, then touring during the months of April, May and June are believed to be the best time. During this season, hill stations deliver a pleasant and cool morning and night whereas day is highly enjoyable. However, if one likes to enjoy the snowfall, then proceed to this hill station during the months of December and January. During this peak winter season, this entire hilly region appears to be engulfed with a white cover of snow.  For person who likes to take the pleasure of abundant greenery must head towards Himachal Pradesh during the period of July to September. These months bring monsoon season to the state, where tributaries and springs swell with abundant water and beautiful rainbows deliver a heavenly tinge to atmosphere. If one needs to tour plain region, then winter season during the months of October to March is ideal time.

At the time of spring season which heads during months of March and April, there is a chill and cold weather welcoming the tourists with a clear and bright blue sky during day time with an average temperature of around 20 degree C. However, night time remains cold. There are less people to explore this region during the spring season, so this area holds calm and peace during this season.

At the time of summer especially May and June, there is a heavy attack of travelers to this place. Provided, it is a peak season in the state, crowd of tourists specifically targeting hot spots like Shimla and Manali may disappoints us, if we are looking forward for calm and tranquility. The hill station Shimla holds the famous Sipi fair during the month of May which is worth attending.

The months preceding the monsoon season especially July and August are also ideal to tour Himachal Pradesh. September to November are very ideal time to visit this state with comparatively less population of tourists and added to that, temperature during day time will be maintained in pleasant mid 20 degree C. This is also a season for various festivals and events especially in Kullu where Dussehra festival is celebrated in grand manner sometime during the month of October.

During winter season, especially between November and February, one can view thick cover of snow covering entire slopes of Himachal Pradesh. Skiing at Kufri is a very famous sport during this season and tourist from plain regions can have hands on experience in skiing. Shimla also attracts people during winter season with its freezing chillness and cold. Freezing temperature may reach peak during the months of January and February but then travelers may throng this state to speculate the powdery white snow that engulfs the complete area.

If one happens to hit Himachal Pradesh during peak winter season, then winter carnival held at Manali and celebrations of Tibetan New Year at MacLeod Ganj during the month of February are enjoyable events and worth to attend.

Climatic Conditions in Himachal Pradesh

The state of Himachal Pradesh possesses a temperate climate during most part of year. The lower areas are comparatively hot and humid during summer season with temperatures rising to 38 degree C. Kangra and Kullu valleys together with Chamba and Shimla receive rainfall right from June till the middle of September. Whereas in northern region, specifically in Lahaul-Spiti there is absence of rainfall and hence the region maintains a dry and desert type climate. However, winter season is cold with most of the high altitude regions receiving heavy snowfall.

Amazing Fact About Himachal Pradesh

The state of Himachal Pradesh can be explored in any month depending on our expectations and ideal climatic conditions. It is also important to take an account that this hilly region will be crowded with travelers especially during festival time and also at the time of heavy snow fall or summer. Therefore before opting for an ideal time to explore this region, it is always better to book a room in hotel in advance.

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