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The state of Himachal Pradesh possesses different climatic conditions which largely depend on its altitude. The average height of this area ranges from 350 meter to 700 meter above the sea level. The place normally comes across three different seasonal variations. Winter season lies between October to February. Summer months in Himachal Pradesh are during March to June. By the month of July, rainy season starts in hilly areas and it proceeds till September. During winter season, some parts of Himachal Pradesh experiences heavy snow fall. This generally happens during the month of December to March. During this period, both day and night become chilled and cold.

The weather and climatic conditions of Himachal Pradesh becomes very pleasant and enjoyable following the rainy season. The landscape of this region transforms into flourishing green. But one main drawback is that, heavy rains cause floods and landslides leading to loss of life and property. The annual rainfall recorded in Himachal Pradesh is 2909 to 3800 mm. Average temperature of this region during the month of summer varies from 22 degree C to 37 degree C. Average temperature during the months of winter ranges from 0 degree C to 15 degree C.

Himachal Pradesh is one among the beautiful state where newly married couples can have a good time during the most precious days of their life, their honeymoon. Whether it may be summer or winter or rainy season, the ambience of this state is healthy and hygienic and welcomes its tourists to adore numerous kinds of adventurous sports available in this region.


Winter season is a perfect time for honeymoon couples to enjoy the heavy snowfall. There is a good number of winter sports that attracts individuals to visit Himachal Pradesh during the snowy climate. Winter season starts from the month of October and extends till February. A good amount of snowfall can be adored between the end of December month lasting till the mid of the January at an average height of 3000 mts (Manali, Narkanda, Kufri and Shimla). Rohtang and Keylong Pass always remain in frozen state almost all through the year.

The cold and chilly winter in Himachal makes a person to get comfortable and warm with their beloved partner. The temperature may vary anywhere between 0 degree C to 15 degree C. Skiing is most familiar and interesting adventurous sports during winter season. Even a beginner can have hands on experience on this sport without any difficulty with help of experienced trainers.

Rohtang Pass is the perfect place to adore heavy snowfall and also few other mountain adventure sports. The tourists can even have hands on experience on heli-skating and ice- skiing during the month of winter in Himachal Pradesh. Rohtang Pass is one amongst the biggest tourist attractions and is one among very few regions in India where one can discover snow even in summer month (till June, relying on climatic conditions).

During winter season, this state is thronged by large number of honeymoon couples and winter sport lovers. This makes a swell in accommodation facilities and also in flights and trains. It is advisable to plan the trip beforehand to avoid last minute rush.

When to Visit: October to February, as heavy snowfall can be experienced only during December to mid January

Ideal time for: Heli skating, ice-skiing, skiing and snowfall

Avoid: If one doesn’t like chilling climatic condition.


Summer begins in Himachal Pradesh right from the month of March while extends till June. This is the time when this state is swelled with human population as individuals from different corners of our country throng to Himachal Pradesh which has a cool and pleasant breeze.

The temperature during summer season ranges from 22 degree C to 37 degree C. This is the perfect time to have hands on experience on water sports, camping, trekking and paragliding. The ideal places to be adored by honeymoon couples during this season include Dharamkot, Billing and Bir if one wishes to go Lahual, Kullu, Dalhousie and Bilaspur for water sports which include – fishing and white water rafting.

During this season of the year, the state is thronged by many tourists and honeymooners. Honeymoon couples may find this place overcrowded. This is the busiest period for Himachal Pradesh with all trains and flights heading towards the state. It is very essential for honeymoon couples to plan their trip in advance to avoid last minute rush.

When to visit: from month of March to June

Ideal for: kayaking, white water rafting, trekking, camping, hot air ballooning and paragliding

Avoid: in case one doesn’t like being in the crowd too much.


The entire state of Himachal Pradesh appears to come to life during rainy season which starts from the month of July and extends till September. This time is the best time to watch countryside of the state which is enclosed by flourishing greenery. Though there is high probability for landslides which results in havoc, however for those who dare to take danger in life then this is best time to get hands on experience in some of the white water rafting along with other water sports. Dalhousie which is located at an altitude of 3400m is the main receiver of rainfall during rainy season in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Throughout this season, this state is surrounded by a romantic atmosphere which is an ideal environment for any honeymoon pair. The perfect destinations to enjoy this season include Spiti, Lahual, Tabo, Palampur, Kinnaur, Kasauli, McLeodganj and Dalhousie region. During monsoon season, these regions are engulfed with complete greenery and the beauty of nature increases many folds. This is an ideal time for the couples who wish to have a less crowd places to take pleasure of a perfect and tranquillest honeymoon.

Generally people avoid visiting Himachal Pradesh during monsoon season because of unexpected rain fall and landslides. Therefore the trains and flights are comparatively economical. However, it is generally advised to check for native climate conditions before visiting the place in Himachal Pradesh specifically during monsoon season. Since this is not a favorable time for many tourists, the rates of hotels generally come down to 50 percent and many hotels display off-season deductions.

When to visit: from the month of July to September.

Ideal for: to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature and to have hands on experience on water rafting

Avoid: if one doesn’t like to get struck with the frequent landslides.

Any climate, any time is an ideal condition for a honeymoon couple to plan a visit to Himachal Pradesh. But winter is the perfect season as it is during this season that the entire view of state reaches a new pinnacle. Thus honeymoon couples can have an unforgettable honeymoon which will stand everlasting in their mind.

Cities and Ideal Seasons


Shimla can be visited at any time round the year. Even rainy season is enjoyable as jungles are perfumed with pine trees. But if one wants to enjoy winter season in Shimla, then they need to book everything in advance by October to November and can make their travel after 25th of December when heavy snowfall begins.


Summer arrives when the heat burns in several parts of north India and this is the best time when all people run towards a shelter in Himachal Pradesh. No one can find difficulty in finding an accommodation as there are numerous hotels in Manali. Summer season will be hot especially during the months of April to July which is followed by slump in monsoon. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO VISIT MANALI DURING MONSOON SEASON. The roads are highly unpredictable during rainy season and every year quite a good number of roads are regularly washed away with high tides of Beas. So, strictly avoid visiting this place during rainy season. One can start their journey again in mid of August to late October when they can witness a newly born Manali. During this time, the city is thronged by huge crowd from all parts of the world. Winter season starts very late in Manali and snowfall starts late in December and it can be witnessed up to late February. One can have hands on experience on skiing in January and February at Solang valley which is a well known Ski point.

Palampur – McLeod Ganj

This place is highly risky during monsoon seasons as the region of mountains is in the edge of danger to travel in heavy rains. Apart from monsoon season, one can view utmost scenic beauty of these regions specifically in McLeod Ganj and Dharamshala which came to limelight after Richard Gere, Madonna and others had been traced out for working towards the Tibetan Cause.

Tribal Regions

This lies on National Highway 21 which initiates from Shimla and then passes through Peo-Kaza-Tabo-Losaar and opens up in Kunzum La and reaches up to back of Rohtang Pass. The total area is literally dry. When there is heavy monsoon season, the mountain area around Recong Peo is admirable and after that region attains its usual posture. One can adventure this road after receiving proper Inner Line Permit from Recong Peo which is same for Indians and also for foreigners. One can travel on this road right from the month of May and may try even up to month of September.

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