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Getting Around In Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh – Queen of Beauty

Himachal Pradesh is showered with an outstanding landscape which makes it a dream destination for any person. With the presence of supercilious Himalayas covered with snow, large and deep valleys, vast area of woods, cold and chilled rivers, greenish environment, breathtaking scenery of lakes and deep ravine and many more tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh, it delivers a perfect treat for mind and body.Together with this, there are number of tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh which add up to its overall splendid beauty. People who visit Himachal Pradesh tourist destinations to have a charming and peaceful holiday do make an opportunity to try their hands in various adventurous sports available at the hill station which includes trekking, skiing, Ice skating, river rafting and paragliding. The stupendous beauty of nature together with pulse raising adventurous sports displays many reasons before the tourists to get attracted towards Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal Pradesh is easily reachable by travelers through road transport, railways or air transport.In fact, as on today, Himachal Pradesh stands in number one position on the concept of road density when compared to all other hill states in India. However, the rough, tough and irregular topography of the state has aroused as a major drawback on the improvement of transport infrastructure, resulting in inhibition of development of this state similar to that of plains. Regardless of this fact, Himachal Pradesh is attacked by huge number of tourists either during on season or during off season. This article mainly focuses on information about the local transport facility available in Himachal Pradesh. This public transportation guide will be handy and useful for one who sails from one city to another in the Himachal Pradesh.

Rail Transport

Pathankot- Jogindernagar route is the lengthiest railway line in state of Himachal Pradesh, which links this hilly state with Punjab. Kalka is one of the major and most important railway stations in Himachal Pradesh. Excluding this, there are railway tracks which pass through Shimla, Solan and Una. However, to reach Shimla, one has to prefer a narrow gauge railway route from Kalka station.

Most of the main destinations inside the state are well connected with an excellent road web. Most of the roads are sealed during winter season and monsoon rains because of heavy snowfall as well as landslides that occur very often in this area.

Toy Train Kalka to Shimla – Rail Transport

The toy train deserves a place in the Guinness Book of Rail facts and feats with a great honor. The toy train connected between Kalka and Shimla is one among the twenty vintage mountain railways running in whole world. The Mastermind behind this toy train is Lord Curzon, who invented this toy train. This narrow gauge train travels through a distance of 96 km in the duration of 6 hours passing through 103 tunnels, 969 bridges with 919 curves, halting at 20 railway stations and 5 level crossings on its route. The train started its journey in 1904 A.D and is a perfect masterpiece in the field of engineering. Passing through the most picturesque mountains and valleys, travelers barely recognize the slow speed of this train. The longest tunnel that is passed by this toy train is around 6000 feet while the next tunnel follows immediately which is of one km long. The other places which are worth watching during this toy train journey include Summer Hill, Glen forest, Prospect Hill and Anand Dale.

Transport by Road

Roads are the main means of transportation in this high hilly region of Himachal Pradesh. This state possesses road linkage of 28,208 km (approx. 17,528 miles) covering 8 national highways (NH) which comprises 1,234 km (767 miles) and nineteen state highways that have a total stretch of 1,625 km. Most of the roads get locked during monsoon winter and monsoon seasons because of landslides and snowfall. There are routine bus services connecting Shimla, Dehradun, Chail, Ambala, Pathankot, Mandi, Delhi, Manali, Kullu, and Chandigarh. Local taxis are the main mode of transport within different parts of the city. District Hamirpur has a well-established network of roads apart from having a highest road density in this state of Himachal Pradesh.

Road Transport by Bus

Buses are the major local means to carry people around Himachal Pradesh, though there are very few internal flights also. Most of the people hire a car with driver for local sightseeing. There are also share jeeps together with buses that run from Manali to Lahaul and Spiti.

Road transport is possibly the most comfortable means of transport in Himachal Pradesh. Most of the buses in this state operate from Hamirpur, Mandi, Dharamshala and Shimla. There are 23 bus stops in the state which take complete control of the public transport in Himachal Pradesh. The HRTC (Himachal Regional Transport Corporation) issues buses in this state to manage inner intra-city, inter-city and inner-city transport. The intra city and inner-city bus services perform a major role in transportation in the state itself. Manali is located at a distance of 40 km from Kullu towards north. The mode of transport between Shimla to Manali is normally bus as well as hired taxis.

The HRTC bus service provides transportation facilities right from different cities in Himachal Pradesh to even the most isolated regions. These bus services are very often, dependable and are extremely affordable mode of transportation. There are four different types of HRTC buses running for public transport in the city which includes local buses, deluxe buses, luxury coach buses, and hi-tech buses. Most of the private bus agencies are fully functional in cities like Manali and Shimla.

Road Transport by Taxis

There are many modes of native transport in Himachal Pradesh including the taxis, hired vehicles, local jeeps, train etc, the dense network of roads present in Himachal Pradesh delivers an unmatched amenity for travelers traveling intercity inside the state. One can select their own means of commutation from a wide variety of transportation depending on their own interests and budget.

Taxis are one amongst the most familiar means of public transport in Himachal Pradesh. One can easily access both the inter-city and intra-city services in this state. However, taxis are mostly preferred during inter-city travel. In case of intra-city, one should go for a taxi only if there are quite a good number of people, if not it may prove to be very expensive.
The various options available for making an effective transport inside this state will definitely bring a good and sweet holiday destination for any person.

Road Transport by Auto Rickshaws

Auto rickshaws also play a major role in the transport facility available in Himachal Pradesh local tourism. Auto rickshaws are mainly popular in the cities like Manali and Shimla although their role is limited in local transportation of state.

Road Transport by Rented Cabs

Rented taxis and jeeps are easily available to tourists for having an effortless journey. This is definitely one of the main means of transport during exploration of nature in Himachal Pradesh. The rented cabs are available to commute from within as well as around the state. There are many transport agencies available to avail this service.

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