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Weekend Getaways in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a hill state well known for its scenic beauty and is located in western part of the Himalayas. Himachal Pradesh is characterized with its huge snowcapped peaks, fast flowing rivers and perennial mountain streams, excellent biodiversity and amazing traditional diversity and many more. Without any objection, Himachal Pradesh is an ideal place of beauty and adoration.

If one needs to travel around some of the neighboring places of Himachal Pradesh, then there are quite a number of interesting and groundbreaking areas, which can be toured from Shimla (capital of Himachal Pradesh). They are the mentioned below.

Pathankot, State of Punjab Located at a Distance of About 295 km

Pathankot acts as a breaking place of journey from three states like Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir. Pathankot is situated at the base of Kangra Valley and it is easily reachable from Dalhousie, Shimla and Chamba. Pathankot possesses a broad gauge railway station and number of express trains halt at this place. Since Kangra town is also located near to this place, tourists can have chances to visit various other destinations after reaching Pathankot railway station.

The most popular places in city of Pathankot are Gandhi Chowk, Shimla Pahari and Dhruv Park. There are also major historical attractions like Shahpurkandi Fort and Nurpur Fort. The city also possesses many pilgrimage destinations including Kali Mata Mandir, Lakshmi Narayan Mandir along with an ancient Shiva temple which is situated around 20 km away from Pathankot.

Must See/ Do: Shahpurkandi Fort, Lakshmi Narayan Mandir and Gandhi Chowk

Chandigarh, State of Punjab Situated at a Distance of 119 km

Chandigarh, situated at the foothills of powerful Shivalik range, is well recognized as an elegantly planned city with eminent structures and eco-friendly gardens. This wonderful city is the administrative capital of both the states of Punjab and Haryana and is spread over an extent of 114 sq. km. Modern town of Chandigarh carries a history of outstanding innovation, efficiency and team work of some of celebrities who made a mark in history. They accomplished the dreadful task of arousing a well equipped township out of a bunch of farming fields. A group of eminent personalities led by well-known French architect Le Corbusier with a glowing spirit is the secret of present civilization of Chandigarh.

The fantastic city displays exemplanary brilliancy in planning and execution and is divided into 47 sectors. All these sectors are well connected to each other by properly knitted roads. There are shopping malls and busy markets in each and every sector. Chandigarh is a dream place for people because of its carefully constructed parks, outstanding buildings, concourses, and streets lined by continuous arrangement of trees and bushes.

It may be an apt choice to describe Chandigarh as a city of creative people and artistic monuments. Heartwarming cultural activities carried out by well known personalities have become a style of living in this city of theatres, art galleries, and museums. There is no chance for any person to question about tourism in Chandigarh as the city is filled with all facilities and infrastructure of a modern city. There is wide range of opportunities to recreate one self in Chandigarh right from partying to a leisurely walk, from absolute amusement to very serious art performances.

Chandigarh displays a vast list of entertainments with its surplus of clubs, outstanding art galleries and well known theatres. Being a city of vibration, Chandigarh derives its name from Goddess Chandi, delivers a calm and relaxing experience to all people who come to this place to spend their holidays.

Must See/Do: Rock garden, Sukhna Lake, Rose garden, The Capitol

Dehradun, State of Uttaranchal Located At a Distance of 227 km

Dehradun being one among the oldest cities of India comprises all graceful and vivid forms of nature. A major historical township situated at the lap of Himalayas, this colorful town has become capital for newly formed state of Uttaranchal. An ever-growing city which comprises of scenic beauty of places attracts large number of tourists round the year. The magnetizing place in Dehradun includes the long winded gardens, well constructed parks, beautifully built temples and luxurious topography.

Being a vital province under earlier Garhwal rulers, this hill station is also crowned as an abode of Drona, the powerful guru of the Kauravas. The city swanks of various legends and most of them are associated to great epic, Mahabharata.

Dehradun represents itself as a city of outstanding credentials on the base of Knowledge and information. Its well known academic institutions are greatly acknowledged world-wide with praise and few of them are running right from the time of British rule. The perfect city with a line of excellent quality of boarding schools and other educational institutions, city Dehradun displays a busy ambience.

This classical place is perfect destination for those who really want to come across risk in their life. There is a wide range of jaunt sort in this hill station. There is huge place for paragliding, skiing, angling and river rafting. Dehradun is an ideal place for escapade freaks.

A trip to Dehradun leaves an unforgettable cherishing memory of unimpeachable beautiful sceneries. There are large number of surging streams, very deep ravines,yearn valleys and many high lined mountain ranges in this hilly ranges are sure shot to hold up one’s breath.

Dehradun being a high-fi high resort in India is well known for its export quality Basmati rice and it is also considered as being majestic gateways to other hill stations in the Himalayan region. Presence of breezy roads combined with rippling hills, evergreen valleys and beautiful and colorful fruit orchards, Dehradun delivers a fascinating, vibrant and heart throbbing experience to its visitors.

Must See/ Do: The Museum, Tapkeshwar temple, Robber’s cave and Lacchiwalla.

Rishikesh, State of Uttaranchal Situated At a Distance of 270 km

The term Rishikesh literally means Lord of the Senses, denoting Lord Vishnu and the city is blessed with the Holy Ganges.  The city acts as a heart core centre for various ancient and also new temples pulling large number of pilgrims throughout the year. The famous belief among Hindu devotees is that by carrying our austerities in this holy region and delivering prayers in holy temples situated here may bring much required attainment of “Mukthi”, the salvation.

Major holy destination in this fascinating and religious region includes Gita Bhavan, Nilkanth Mahadev, Lakshman Jhula, Swarga Ashram and Triveni Ghat and much more. Rishikesh combined with nearby places like Dehradun and Mussoorie deliver adventurous and fascinating excursion getaways.

Rishikesh is a popular spot for various yoga centers and correctly called as World Capital of Yoga. City offers extensive yoga programme along with various other spiritual activities including meditation. This is ideal environment to accomplish peace and tranquility. Many adventurous water sports activities like white water rafting and trilling actions like wilds forest trekking is a memorable event in Rishikesh.

If a person is looking for a spiritual holiday in a quiet and isolated region then, Rishikesh is perfect destination. The city of Rishikesh welcomes its guest with all its scenic natural beauty, presence of God on earth. A trip to Rishikesh is an unforgettable experience for any person during his lifetime. The holy pilgrimage to four sacred shrines gets initiated from city of Rishikesh.

Must see/ Do: Laxman Jhula, Triveni Ghat

Delhi, State of Delhi Situated At a Distance of 370 km

Indraprastha, the well known capital city of fable Pandavas, holds up an awesome history and rich cultural heritage. Rested on banks of river Yamuna, Delhi represents the heart and soul of India in its actual form. This cosmopolitan city multiplies true spirit of India and inhabits people from all parts of the country. Its highly flamboyant growth of population reflects the wide range of culture of subcontinent that has been recognized as capital city of prestigious Indian Nation.

Delhi reflects a new atmosphere of contemporary Indian society, where glorious history is twined with the structure of modernism. Delhi accumulated various cultural sediments and reflects it on everyday life of the city. Among all archaeological rudiments of ancient and medieval India, Delhi proudly erupted as a living monument of the past glory, in spite of destroying seven times.

Among the masterpieces of architectural excellence, the Rashtrapathi Bhavan located at Raisina Hills and its adjacent Mughal Garden outstand many others. When one thinks about Delhi, the unavoidable subject is Jawaharlal Technological University (JNU). Standing as one of most prestigious Institutions in India, the University campus has given birth to many celebrities in India.

Holding the pride of India’s capital state, almost all industrial goods have their outlets in Delhi. Their colorful shops with highly qualified officials display the developing scenario of this historic city. Delhi represents high end amenities of communications and travel. Presence of spacious roads is devoid of traffic jams and the city is well recognized for its excellent public transport system.

Present Delhi is a perfect combination of tradition, culture, power and politics. It is highly difficult to trace out another city which can have a clear display of Indian society other than marvelous Delhi.

Must see / Do: Qutub Minar, Lotus temple, India Gate, Swaminarayan Akshardham temple, Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk, Connaught place, Red Fort (Lal Qila)

Haridwar, State of Uttaranchal Located At a Distance of 280 km

Haridwar or Hari-dwar in Hindi literally refers as gateway to God. Hari is a synonymous word to God and Dwar means gate. Located in state of Uttarakhand, this place of devotion is a popular religious place that welcomes pilgrims from diverse faiths and background. Haridwar clearly displays Indian culture and civilization in its full strength. Ancient Indian mythology refers Haridwar as Gangadwar, Kapilsthan and Mayapuri in olden days.

Fall of river Ganga right from mountains into the plain regions touches Haridwar before moving down to other towns. Haridwar opens up the gateway to Char Dham or the four religious destinations Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri and promises to deliver a virtuous experience to pilgrims. One of old age beliefs is that, any person taking a holy dip in the sacred river of Ganga can attain direct salvation.

Being one of the places of religious importance, there is no doubt that this city congregates religious festivals all through the year. Some of the most famous festivals (mela) include Kumbhmela, Kavadmela, Somvati Amavasyamela and Ganga Dussehra. Among this, highly significant mela is the Kumbhmela, as festival commences once in 12 years when planet Jupiter (Brahaspati) comes closer to planet Aquarius (Kumbh).

Haridwar possesses a rich treasure of various temples and religious places of significant importance together with shopping hubs and wildlife sanctuaries. Any person visiting Haridwar irrespective of excess duration should have a visit to all religious temples located in city and experience the virtuous and holy atmosphere.

Must See/ Do: Har Ki Pauri, Mansa Devi Temple

Jammu, State of Jammu and Kashmir Located At a Distance of 393 km

Jammu is located at the base hills of the great Himalayan Mountains and is called as the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu is well known as a city of religious temples with an amazing environment and is an ideal location for people looking for a secluded atmosphere. There is a belief that Raja Jamboolochan discovered this striking city during 14th century B.C. This city which was earlier referred as Jamboo in ancient epic Mahabharatha was later modified into Jammu. Most of the history and archaeological verification substantiates that Jammu was an integral portion of Harappa civilization.

City of Jammu is well known for its ancient temples together with giant palaces and historically significant places. To pen down a few of them, there are Dogra Art Museum, Gadhadharji temple, Mubarak Madi palace complex, Amaranth caves, Amarmahal, Bahu fort, Gaurikund temple, Mata Vaishnodevi and the list is endless. Surinsar Lake is a place of natural beauty and is central core of attraction in Jammu.

The city of Jammu also hosts many adventure sports.  Tourists can have hands on experience on many available opportunities including mountaineering, a walk along the beautiful nature, rafting and trekking. There are also various adventurous spots including Sanasar, Krimchi, Kishtwar and Patnitop etc.

This is an agricultural land with major cash crops of paddy, wheat and maize. Luxurious handicrafts made with perfection are readily available at this spot. Saffron, the most valuable amongst spices variety is cultivated in fields of Jammu. There are many fauna inhabiting in the Jammu region including pheasants, snow partridge, brown shrew, reptiles, muskrat, dear, deer, leopard, cheetah and wild sheep. There are many festivals which are celebrated with high spirits and enthusiasm in Jammu city. They include Lohri, Holi and Deepawali, Ramanavami, Shivrathri and Baisakhi. During holiday season, the city is thronged by many people inside and outside India.

Surrounded with fantastic and beautiful gardens, fabulous lakes, breathtaking hillocks and panoramic view of the snowy mountains, this land of temples is an essential visit place in India.

Must See / Do: Raghunath temple, Bahu fort, Mubarak Mandi palace, Mansarlake, Vaishno Devi temple, Katra, Udhampur, Patnitop, Sanasar, Doda, Poonch and Rajauri.

Mussoorie, State of Uttaranchal Located At a Distance of 252 km

A picturesque hill station, Mussoorie is located in northern part of India. The city of Mussoorie was discovered by Captain Young during 18th century. The British people added glory to this hill station, as they mostly rested in Mussoorie to get rid of scorching sun during summer season.

Mussoorie is situated at an elevation of 2000 meters above the sea level, resting on a horseshoe shaped ridge. Located at such a height, city of Mussoorie displays chilled, cooled, and enjoyable climatic condition thereby attracting good number of tourists.

Mussoorie is most adorable hill resort located in the state of Uttaranchal. It is like a picture delivered out from dreams! Region is a paradise wide spread over a huge carpet of scenic greenery together with a diverse population of flora and fauna. The unforgettable panoramic views of snow capped mountains and a busy town filled with fun filled activity makes an ideal atmosphere for a cherishing holiday. This hill station is also referred as Queen of the Hill Station which adores snow capped peaks reflecting bright rays of the sun, colorful flowers filled valleys, the gushing streams of rivers which are definitely a treat to dried eyes.

Mussoorie acts as a gate way to initiate route to Gangotri and Yamunotri, the two holy regions believed to be origin place for the Ganga River and Yamuna River respectively. These rivers flow from mountains and continue their journey in plain area.

Mussoorie is a one-stop point for all old and young culture. Mussoorie delivers various types of activities for all kinds of tourists. Whether it may be trekking, mountain climbing, good walk along the nature’s path, adoring the remnants of British Occupancy in town or to do an amazing shopping up to satisfactory level of heart, Mussoorie is one stop destination. Thus, Mussoorie is an ideal environment to relax our mind and rejuvenate our body and soul in custody of nature.

Must see/ Do: Kempty falls, Lal Tibba, The Mall and Cloud’s End.

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