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Water And River Sports

While searching for the best water and rivers sports places in Himachal Pradesh, you will come to know about various rivers and their offshoots falling down the artificial lakes and Himalayan slopes as ideal locations for such sporting. Water sport enthusiasts can enjoy swimming, rafting, fishing and boating in these places in the months of summer and autumn. Indianholiday.com can help you to gather more information about these places so that you can efficiently make the decision which one to go with.

White-Water Rafting

Among the adventurous activities in Himachal Pradesh, white water rafting tops the list. This sport is normally ideal during summer season in which, there are three standards of rafting expedition Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. People can choose a standard according to the level of their expertise and skills. The time period from October to April is perfect to try this adventure in Himachal Pradesh. River Ravi (Chamba), River Spiti (Spiti Valley), River Sutlej (Shimla) and River Beas (Kullu) are appealing white river rafting destinations in the state.

Best Time for White-Water Rafting

Time duration from April to September is especially for white river rafting


Himachal Pradesh is a suitable location for angling in the country due to which, it has been known as the Paradise for Anglers. Tattapani, Largi, Kasol, Chirgaon, Rohru, Katrain and Banjar are strategic locations for this sport. If you want to angle Mahasheer, then go to Barot, Pong Dam, Dehra and Nadaun to get the best. The period from 31st March to 31st October is particularly for trout angling while when it comes to Mahasheer angling, January to April and September to December is an ideal period.

Best Time for Angling

Plan for angling during the period from January to April and September to December for special Mahasheer and from 31st March to 31st October for trout.


This is the most ecological water sport that provides adventure and thrill in the Himalayan foothills of Himachal Pradesh. A special carrier is used for this sport known as Canoe that has the ability to occupy a minimum of two riders having gears. Canoeing is usually done on still water of rivers and lakes. Tourists will find a number of Canoeing destinations in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

Best Time for Canoeing

The time period of June till August provides ample opportunities for canoeing lovers. Lots of people consider this duration as ideal to experience this sport as the sunshine is continuous. Even though riders wear T shirts, it completely gets impossible to survive in this position during night time as the temperature falls down below freezing point.

Things That are Needed for Water and River Sports

If the place you have gone for adventures is normally warm, then it is necessary to carry sun block, lip balm, bathing suit, sunglasses, T shirts, old sneakers, river shoes, eye glass straps (if important) neoprene booties, small dry bags (if you can carry them in rafting), energy bars for rivers (outfitter would offer this), waterproof cameras, towels, zip lock baggies (in order to maintain dryness of things), drinks and snacks, elastic bags (to place wet items like sneakers), license for driving (if using wetsuits and any other gear), change of dresses (for drive back).

Precaution During Water and River Sports

  • Remember to wear protective equipments such as water helmets and life vests.
  • Act upon the local directions provided.
  • The use of alcohol is prohibited before participating in any water sport.
  • Swimming is really important for water sports. So if you are not a good swimmer, you should not participate in water sports.

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Water And River Sports
Water And River Sports
Water And River Sports
Water And River Sports
Water And River Sports
Water And River Sports

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