A place for adventure lovers, Himachal Pradesh is a state tucked away at the foothills of Himalayas. With far flung locations, ranges of terrain and favorable climate, Himachal Pradesh has indeed become the destination spot for Golf and other sports. Indian adventurers rarely find spots for their holiday destinations. It becomes difficult for them to find a place where they can enjoy and relax at the same time. Himachal Pradesh promises to change all of that. As a premiere destination for golfing and quite a few other adventures, Himachal Pradesh has surfaced as a state for adventures and holidays.

Golf in Himachal Pradesh

If you want to go golfing, and your destination is Himachal, you also have to decide where in Himachal? Combined with excellent facilities and world-class standards, quite a few popular golf destinations in Himachal Pradesh have now become a hot spot for holidays. Let us take a look at the most popular of these locations:

Annandale – Shimla

A favorite spot for cricket and polo, this historic playground is located 4 kilometers from the Ridge. Nestled in the suburban village called Kaithu, which is located in a deep and wide valley in the western region of Shimla, the playground and meandering race course are at a height of over 6000 feet above the sea level. Originally christened Annadale by Captain Charles Pratt Kennedy, this popular place is now misspelt as Annandale.  A hub of activities and entertainment, apart from Cricket and Polo, this place is home to a nine hole golf course which is managed by the army.  Golf, anyone?  The presence of Annandale has added a sporty side to the regular holidays in Shimla.

Khajjar- Chamba

Chamba, that stands on the right bank of the river Ravi, is home to Khajjar, a hill station with a gaely plateau. Situated atop a plateau, Khajjar is surrounded by lovely meadows and forests. It is 22 kms from Chamba and 24 kms from Dalhousie. It has a slightly worse for the wear nine hole golf course and is a magnificent location to enjoy the international sport in international surroundings; Khajjar was named “Mini Switzerland”.

Naldehra- Shimla

3044 meters in altitude, Naldehra offers a breathtaking view of greenery which has been best put to use for a golf course. 22 kms from Shimla, surrounded by dense forests, it is a very common preferred golf-course setting. Lord Curzon, the British Viceroy of India is the man behind the potential of Naldehra. He was the one who noticed its potential and placed the golf course at location. In fact, he was so mesmerized by the spot that he named his daughter Naldehra after the spot. With completely natural topography, and a gifted Greens, this nine hole course is the oldest and also the most challenging course in the country.

Best Time for Golfing

The ultimate enjoyment from a sport can be gleaned only when the weather is most favorable. Imaging playing either cricket or golf in rainy season. For golf, the ideal weather is believed to be slightly sunny and moderate. Extreme weather tends to ruin the course and the players’ abilities, too. In Himachal Pradesh, the best time to play golf is from April to June, when it is mildly sunny, cheerful and perfect for mountain exploring, nature walks and of course, the royal game of Golf!

Equipment Required

Woods : Used for playing long shots; these are less accurate but hit the ball far.

Irons: With heads made of metal, irons are more accurate and give the golfer a control over the distance, spin and in general, the entire shot. These are mostly used by the golfers for nearer shots or on the greens.

Putters: A club with a flat face, these are used on the green and also on the fringe to displace the ball on to the green.

Golf Balls: Hard balls travel far, but soft balls are important for precision. The precision varies based on the material the ball is made of.

All the equipment, the Caddie and Guides are available at the various golf link clubs for a nominal price. And everyone, amateurs as well as professional golfers are invited on the courses in Himachal Pradesh.

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