The concept of skiing is not a idea which has just introduced in Himachal Pradesh, rather, the adventure of Skiing is a recreational activity of this place since quite long. This beautiful place is a centre of attention for the youth and this is the reason that every year thousands of tourists visit this place to have a bewitching adventurous activities.

The most admired skiing destinations in Himachal Pradesh are: Manali, Kufri, Lahaul and Spiti, Kullu, Rohtang Pass and Kinnaur. Some of the popular skiing centers in the state are: Kufri - It is located at a height of 2,622 meters. Kufri is also a capital of winter sports. The rising and falling slopes of this adventurous place are natural and attracts the winter sports lovers. Manali- It is a very popular skiing spot and moreover, the scenic beauty of this place adds to its charm. Narkanda : It is located at an altitude of 3143 meters. This destination attracts its tourists and especially the skiers in a huge number. Skiers relish the steep and flat slopes of this place Rohtang Pass- It provides the facility of enjoying skiing all over the year. Both simple and tricky ski runs are available here. Instructors can also be hired if needed.

Well, the ideal timing for skiing in this state is from the month of January to month of March. It is also worth noting that the slopes of Rohtang Pass and Patalsu are the only destinations in India where skiing can be enjoyed in the season of summer as well.

Skiing Sports in Himachal Pradesh

The British introduced the Skiing sports in Himachal Pradesh in the early twentieth century. In present times, this sport is not only the source of leisure but has also become one of the main cause of revenue for Himachal tourism board.

The competitive sport of Skiing can be either the racing or jumping with the feet clung to candidates. It is what we call skies over snow surfaces of changeable positions.
Well, the sport of Skiing has two main parts. One is Alpine and the other one is Nordic.

The skiing of Alpine is a type of race in which a skier skies downwards on steep and at the same time prepares slopes of snow one by one. Then finally, the skier who is the fastest is declared winner. Well, the skiing of Nordic is a type of skiing in which a cross running above rolling surfaces and then the ski jumping from an height stage is done.

Moreover, In the month of February, the annual winter sports festival takes place in Kufri and Manali.

Things That are Needed for Skiing Sports

Skis along with ski bindings is an essential thing to carry along. It would be advisable to talk to a ski shop expert about your needs. If you enjoy skiing and you do it on usual basis then you should buy a ski boots. About Ski Poles there always remains argue that these are not essential but on technical basis, these are considered important. Moreover, ski Jacket is a basic need as well. So, go ahead with these and make sure you purchase the best ones which are suitable to you. It is always better to consult an expert before buying such stuff because these are quite expensive.

Precaution During Skiing Sports

Skiing is a risky sports and so, it crucially becomes significant that one keeps in mind the safety measures without overlooking the probably risks.

First of all, get totally familiar to the terrain and extreme or freestyle landscapes. Because sometimes there suddenly appears the cliffs, steep parts and maybe rocks as well beside the path which can prove really risky if you are not familiar with the routes.

Keep some distance when all are skiing at 50 miles per hour. As an example, It can prove dangerous if you suddenly stop when another person is trailing just behind you or if you just get a jump without seeing far further. So, to avoid convergence, keep some distance from the fallow skiers.

Always maintain the balance of your body and try to take in control all the actions you go for. It is really important that you avoid stunts if you are not really confident about your skiing skills. Because once you lose your control on your body, there you get uncontrolled which is dangerous.

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