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Mountain Cycling

Mountain cycling is among the most adventurous sports in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is mostly assumed to be an ideal source to discover natural beauty of the state as Himachal Pradesh is the perfect tourism destination. People who have decided to stay for just two to three days will never return to their homes without staying for around few weeks.

The best mountain areas of the state are present in its lower cities, especially in the districts of Hamirpur, Bilaspur, Kangra and Una that are having remarkable combinations of natural fauna and flora with mountainous tracks. If you want to make your journey memorable and exciting with mountain biking, then it is important to have perfect plan along with right destination selection.

Equip yourself with required accessories and expeditions in order to make your journey on bicycle. You can have day or overnight adventures depending on your preferences. The entire land of Himachal Pradesh is your playground where you can enjoy camping and might travel to its various parts to explore more facts about their culture. Its lower regions Bilaspur, Una, Kangra and Hamirpur provide lighted routes. Or else you have to make up your mind, stamina and muscles to accomplish twists on Trans Himalaya tracts of Kinnaur, Lahaul and Spiti- though it is not so fascinating- adventures are waiting for you in every vacation stations. When it comes to the upper regions of Himachal Pradesh, they are ideal in fall months and summer to visit.

Things That are Needed for Mountain Cycling

Following are the things you will need for a successful and safe adventure:

  • Patch kit and/or spare tube
  • Chain breaker
  • Food
  • Water
  • Levers for plastic tires- minimum 2
  • A multi functioning tool or metric Allen keys set
  • Spoke wrench
  • Suitable riding attires such as shorts having chamois, gloves, jersey, shoes, and helmets
  • Manual pump which is Schrader as well as presto valve attuned
  • Spare derailleur hangar

Precautions During Mountain Cycling

At first, ensure that you have selected a place where nobody is already cycling. By assuring this fact, you will be able to freely cycle on the mountain with the feeling that all space is yours and you can go wherever you want. There is one problem that if you get into an accident, you can never come up with the problem without someone’s help. Luckily, there is now a solution to this problem i.e. GSP locators. Buy one GPS tracker in order to make sure your position so that they authorities can know if you are in trouble.

Next, helmet is the most important safety measure in mountain cycling. The helmets for mountain cycling are of different type than that of regular helmets. They have to exactly fit on your head so as to save you from a number of damages.

Best Time for Mountain Cycling

Himachal Pradesh give twelve month mountain cycling invitation to the bikers to come and explore the state of their cycles.

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Mountain Cycling
Mountain Cycling
Mountain Cycling
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Mountain Cycling

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