Heli Skiing

Himachal Pradesh is a state of India. It is a very popular spot of India among the tourists all over the world. The huge charm of this place is especially so because of the scenic lofty Himalayas.

There are so many adventurous activities that a person can relish in this aesthetic state. Well, Heli skiing is one of these courageous and as amusing activities. It is a very popular winter sport of this place. The glaciers and peaks covered with snow in Pir Panjal, Dhauladhar and Zanskar ranges attract the tourists towards this state. In the winter season, the weighty snow covering the peaks is something that greatly crafts this place into an ideal spot for the skiers. Moreover, the elevations of around twenty thousand feet of these grand mountain ranges are finest for Heli-skiing during the winter.

The ideal sights of heli skiing in Himachal Pradesh are some areas of Rohtang La and Chanderkhani La, the Mount Hanuman Tibba and Mount Deo Tibba.  These places of districts Kullu and Manali are great heli skiing winter spots. These attract the tourists in large number from not only the different parts of country but also from across the globe. The popularity of Heli Skiing is immensely increasing day by day.

Heli skiing is a type of adventurous experience which is enriched with thrill and amusement. It is among the most adventurous ecstasy at the lofty mountains. The participants are taken to the top of the mountain peak by the helicopter and from there they are dropped. The skiers literally ski down on the slopes.

It also includes alternative air craft for lifting the ski thus it enables the skier a larger choice of runs. The sport of Heli skiing  is expensive as the participants are carried to the top of mountain or the edges by the helicopter and dropped from there.  Thereafter, the skiers ski down all the way through the unfamiliar path on the slopes. It is also worth noting that the Skiers also decide slopes or terrain of their choice. As a result, participants are need not to waste time in mountaineering up the slopes.

Things That are Needed for Heli Skiing

First of all, make sure that the equipments you are using are certified because the stuff of cheap quality can result in dangerous consequences.

There are certain important things which are needed and so; one must carry these things along with him. These are skiing gear like ski, ski-goggle, skiing hats, warmers related to neck, skiing helmets and skis’ socks. These are the things which not only make the experience of Heli skiing pleasurable, but also provide safety to the skiers. One can get these things from the Tourism office of Himachal Pradesh. However, if you are thinking of buying a similar thing from some shop then it would be really advisable that you, before getting into it, acquire the proper guidance of ski experts.

Precaution During Heli Skiing

Well, we all know that this sport of Heli Skiing is quite risky and carries little danger. So, let us discus the certain crucial points regarding safety during Heli Skiing. Well, before going for Heli skiing, it is very important that someone sincerely evaluate your skiing skills. If you are not having much experienced in Heli skiing, then you must first properly go through the slopes before taking next step towards this crucial adventure. At least you must be capable of dealing with the challenging directions, skiing related to back country and following courses. You must also be aware of outdoor survival. It will prove really helpful in a situation of separation from other group skiers.

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Heli Skiing
Heli Skiing
Heli Skiing
Heli Skiing
Heli Skiing
Heli Skiing

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