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Enjoy Chail with Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an eternal ‘science of life’ with its roots dating back to ancient ages when it was practiced by the sages. Having a natural calming effect, it can ease off stress from the body, mind, and soul with its tenderness. This human science re-energizes health, renders happiness and enhances the creativity of individuals practicing it. Ayurveda in Chail aids in revival of your inimitable self.


Panchakarma, derived from Sanskrit, has a literal meaning of five (Pancha) procedures of healing (Karma). These five procedures mainly embark upon the purification of body before initiation of any other Ayurvedic therapy. Ayurveda, being a rational science, has a strong belief that as a cloth needs to be cleansed of all its dirt and impurities to infuse new colours into it, in the same manner, the human body needs to be completely purified so as to be infused with fresh energy, health and youthfulness. However, in most cases, Panchkarma serves as an end instead of being a prologue to any other healing therapy.

Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic therapy that comprises of 5 fundamental treatments required for flushing out annihilated toxic substances (Dosha) from the body. It can be sub categorized into various therapies and also varied herbal massages along with fomentations like steam, medicated enemas (Basti), emesis using herbs ( Vamana), purification through herbs ( Virechana), nasal administration of oils (Nasya) et al. All these treatments have great remedial properties in rooting out the profound diseases and leading towards a sustained mental and physical strength.

Therefore, Panchakarma is a quite effective treatment for many profound ailments like arthritis, skin disorders, paralysis etc.


Situated at a towering height of 2250 meters above sea levels, Chail is a picturesque hill station. Maharaja of Patiala, Bhupinder Singh developed this small hilly town, as his summer capital when he was exiled from Shimla by the British.

Chail was considered to be the perfect capital due to its strategic location at a distance of 45 Km from Shimla as well as its height greater than Shimla, then ruled by the British and the hills fringed with soaring thick stretches of deodars.

This quaint hill station is situated amid the aromatic forests, tasselled with colossal deodars and chir pine trees. Among the three hills encircling Chail, Rajgarh Hill houses the palace, the Residency Snow view, once in possession of the British residents is on the Pandhewa Hill while Sadh Tiba is the third hill on which Chail is situated. It boasts of the worlds highest cricket ground well maintained and beautifully bounded with tall deodars and pines. The stupendous Himalayas serve as a perfect backdrop to this town offering a stunning sight of lustrous peaks.

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapy

Sarvakaya Abhyangam

This therapy is a great stress buster relieving you of all the hassles of frenzied city life. The moment your body immerses in oil, the magic begins to unfold through agile hands of the therapists. Each stroke passes a calm rejuvenation throughout the body. It is capable of working wonders like delayed ageing, extra glowing skin, increased suppleness of joints and rediscovered mental precision.


Most novel discovery of Ayurveda, this is a therapy in which medicated oil flows relaxing on your forehead leading you towards a state of quiescent sleep. With relaxation of mind, you take off to a world full of serenity. It awakens your inner soul as the oil pacifies your frayed nerves while soaking the forehead. This soothing therapy is quite effective in reducing levels of fatigue, mental stress, and depression. Shiro Dhara also improves memory and concentration power along with the growth of hair.

Head and Face Massage

Massage of the head and face is predominant, a delightful experience for most of the people bearing many tensions in their life. This stress busting massage is not included in full body massage as time does not allow doing so.

Legs and Feet Massage

Habitually, we take our body as granted by unnecessarily exerting pressure on ourselves. In this context, we tend to ignore our legs and feet despite of some small twinges, cramps, and twists, creeping into them. A healthy massage eases out the pressure from the legs which carries the weight of our whole body. This massage is especially useful for people handling stress job involving a lot of standing.

Head and Shoulder Massage

This Ayurvedic massage of head and shoulders relieves the stress off your body and intensifies healing by alleviating any chronic pain in neck or shoulder.

Kati Vasti

This treatment heals the problems of chronic back pain and slip disc by plunging the affected part of the back into medicated oil that is fairly lukewarm.

Painful area on the back is fringed with a layer of black gram dough. Afterwards, a medicated oil is allowed to plunk into that area, and then retaining this oil on the affected area for some time stimulates the process of healing.

Shiro Vasti

This treatment is highly beneficial to cure diseases like facial paralysis, severe headaches, dry nostrils, throat or mouth as well as other vatha-originated diseases. Depending upon severity of the disease, herbal lukewarm oils are poured inside a cap fitted on the head, daily for a period ranging from 15 minutes to 60 minutes as per individual conditions. Apart from above mentioned ailments, this treatment is also effective for various nervous disorders, loss of tangible senses, insomnia, depression, hemiplegia, speech difficulties, etc.

Triposha, Nalikerodakm, Karkatika Lepam

A therapy targeted for curing various skin related diseases like Psoriasis, pimples, marks, Arthritis, pigmentation, skin infections and injuries, it is extremely useful in their treatment as well as for  cosmetic usage. It involves external application of herbal paste made of herbal powder and a base which are selected according to individual conditions of the patients.

Herbal Steam Bath

This skin toning therapy begins by applying lukewarm medicated oil all over the body and sitting in steam chamber with head held out. This process allows herbal steam to emanate out from medicinal herbs which eventually leads to copious perspiration resulting in increased cohesion among cells. It opens up tiny pores of the skin and flushes out all the toxins.

How to Reach

By Road

Local buses plying between Chail and nearby cities are a plenty. Shimla is located around 45 Km away from here and as such there are many deluxe buses running on this route. The cost of their tickets is around Rs 200.

By Air

Nearest airport from Chail is Jubbar Hati Airport situated at a distance of 63 Km. It is connected to Chandigarh and Delhi International Airport. Taxi and Jeeps are easily available from the Airport and Chail with a fare of about Rs. 1500. International tourists intended to visit this town are supposed to board their connecting flights from Delhi which has flights for almost all the major destinations, domestic or international.

By Rail

Kalka is the nearest railway station to Chail. Located at a distance of 86 Km, many cabs and buses are easily available to reach there at a cost of about Rs 1700. Chandigarh located around 95 Km away is another possible option as it is well connected via rail with all the major cities around the country.

Climate of Chail

Chail has a moderate climate throughout the year.

Its summers (March to May) are pleasant with an average temperature ranging between 15 °C and 24 °C making it an ideal time for all tourists to visit this place.

It witnesses medium rainfall during Monsoon season (June to September) and it enhances the scenic beauty of this place manifold.

At Chail, the winters (October to February) are extremely cold with snowfall and minimum temperature dripping down to levels of 2°C or even lesser.

Contact Details

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Panchkarma Packages At Palace Hotel
Panchkarma Packages At Palace Hotel
Panchkarma Packages At Palace Hotel
Panchkarma Packages At Palace Hotel
Panchkarma Packages At Palace Hotel
Panchkarma Packages At Palace Hotel

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