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Panchkarma Packages At Hotel Holiday Home

Ayurveda is also a science which deals with maintaining the perfect balance of body, spirits, mind as well as emotional aspects like human psychology. Ayurveda witnessed its full evolution and is now one of the most powerful forms of herbal and spiritual treatment. The Ayurvedic therapies are based on the concept of self realization, longevity and rejuvenation and utilize tools like yoga, herbs, aromas, massages, tantra-mantra and meditation. If Ayurvedic principles are to be believed then according to it, the four basic elements of nature: air, water, earth and fire are the key to human health. Any kind of health disorder is a result of a deficiency of one of the four major elements. Ayurveda is a kind of herbal and spiritual treatment which uproots the disease from its roots and doesn’t play around just the symptoms. It helps to achieve a full level of physical and mental health.

Hotel Holiday Home

If you wish to experience the Panchkarma Therapy while you are in Shimla then Hotel Holiday Home, which is a flagship of HPTDC (Himachal Pradesh Tourism), is the best possible option available for you. The hotel is located in the heart of the city and has its own parking lot along with a drive in. It is a good accommodation option for either a business or a pleasure trip. The rooms and suites available are of varying budget to suit the financial constraints of different class of customers. The hotel owns its very own conference hall which can support a crowd of 200 people. The Holiday Home Hotel has all the modern amenities required to ensure a comfortable stay. It incorporates its own restaurant, bar, coffee shop, pastry shop, open air eating area, lounge, billiard, sauna, bath, video games and TV, health club, an on call doctor, car rental service and lastly Ayurveda Rejuvenation Therapy.

The major objective of the Ayurvedic therapy provided is a simple implementation of herbal medicines which are extremely safe and effective and can be sensibly utilized for a varied number of purposes. The herbs provided are grown in the house. They are pure in every aspect and are blessed with the original healing power of Mother Nature. The herbs are strong enough to dilute any and all kinds of chronic as well as acute health conditions. You will get authentic, pure and real Ayurvedic treatment in this place.

Sarvakaya Abhyangam (General Rejuvenation Therapy) - Improve Vitality

  • Time duration-45 minutes
  • Package Cost Rs. 800/-

It provides the perfect relaxation from your hectic day to day life. It gives one a feeling of being in heaven when the supple hands of a masseuse soak your body with aroma filled oils. The magic of this therapy is the perfect rejuvenation that you can ask for. It helps your whole body as well as mind to calm down. If you get this therapy on a regular basis it can help reduce aging effects, provides flexible joints and gives glowing skin. It also helps one to achieve mental peace.

Shirodhara (Suppose to be Third eye Opener) - Relief from Stress

  • Time duration-45 minutes
  • Package Cost Rs. 900/-)

It is another great Ayurvedic therapy. It involves flowing soothing Ayurvedic oil over your forehead. The effect of the oil is such that you slowly fall asleep leaving behind all the tension of the stressful world. Apart from soothing your nerves and relaxing your mind it is supposed to open your third eye by healing your frayed nerves. It is the best cure to fatigue, depression, stress, aging, short term memory and ageing. It also helps in improving your concentration.

Kizhi Herbal Bon Therapy (Herbal Leaf Therapy) - Remove Your Toxins

  • Time duration-45 minutes
  • Package Cost Rs. 1000/-)

Your whole body is treated with hot boluses of leaves and herbs. The leaves and herbs are dipped in heated medicated oil. As soon as the hot boluses touch your body you could feel all the pain and fatigue going away in an instant. This is the best cure for musculo-skeletal diseases like arthritis.

Kati Vasti

  • Time duration-30 minutes
  • Package Cost Rs. 500/-)

It provides special treatment for those suffering from chronic back and slip disc problems. The treatment involves immersing those parts of your body which are in pain in a lukewarm mixture of medicated herbal oil. The affected part of your back is first bounded by black gram dough. After that warm oil is poured and retain within that area. The oil is retained for a specific period of time to show its wonders.

Face and Head Massage

  • Time duration-30 minutes
  • Package Cost Rs.400/-)

It involves giving massages to the face and the head. People don’t know this but they have a lot of tension accumulated around the face and head especially the jaw region. If you want you can get a similar full body massage.

Legs and Feet Massage

  • Time duration- 30 minutes
  • Package Cost Rs.400/-)

In order to maintain our stance in the never ending race for career, fame and money we put our body through a lot. In most of the cases we ignore small twinges or pain to our legs and feet which can become a serious problem in later life. This massage is used to relieve your legs and feet from all kinds of pain. Especially if your work involves a lot of standing or walking then you should get this massage.

Muttu Vasti (Joint Pains)

  • Time duration-30 minutes
  • Package Cost Rs. 450/-)

This therapy is mainly for arthritis patients. Arthritis is caused due to many reasons like inflammation of tendons, joint tissues or ligaments or strain or fatigue in muscles. This therapy involves used of anti inflammatory herbal oil which not only acts as a pain killer but also makes your bone tissue strong. It makes sure that your joints and muscles function smoothly. The oil used in it penetrates your body better than any other kind of oil. This is because of its anti inflammatory nature. It is also helpful in cases of back aches, rheumatic pains, muscular pains, joints pains, etc.

How to Reach There

By Train

The Kalka Railway Station is a mere 90 kilometer away. The narrow gauge Kalka Shimla train connects Shimla to rest of the State. The Chandigarh railway station is also 125 kilometers away.

By Air

The best airport is 130 kilometer away in Chandigarh. Shimla airport is the nearest and it is 22 kilometers away in Jubbar Hati. The Delhi airport is 395 kilometer away.

By Road

There are several highways connecting Shimla to places like Delhi and Chandigarh. Chandigarh is 125 kilometers away and Delhi is 395 kilometers away.


If you are visiting during summers the weather would be mild, a few light woolens and cotton wear is more than enough. Winters are extremely cold and therefore you need to carry heavy woolen clothes. Overall you will find a pleasant climate all year round.

Contact Details

If you wish to get more information about Shimla tours, then you can contact a general travel agent or one of the HPDTC Marketing Sales Office.

E-Mail: ,

Phone No: 0177-2652561, 2658302

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Panchkarma Packages At Hotel Holiday Home
Panchkarma Packages At Hotel Holiday Home
Panchkarma Packages At Hotel Holiday Home
Panchkarma Packages At Hotel Holiday Home
Panchkarma Packages At Hotel Holiday Home
Panchkarma Packages At Hotel Holiday Home

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