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Panchkarma Packages At Hotel T Bud

Palampur Mental and Physical Cure

Ayurvedic treatments leave a soothing effect and keep you relaxed. More popularly known as the "Science of life", it has been practiced since ages and famous too. Ayurveda not only keeps your mind and body relaxed but enhances your overall fitness thus maintaining your health. The main motive of Ayurveda is to help in rediscovering your inner self.


Palampur is a beautiful place located around the Dhauladhar Mountains. It gets its name from the word plum which means “lots of water”. You can explore small brooks and Bundla Khud small streams that add to its natural effect. With abundant water around the area, this region enjoys a moderate climate all round the year. Winters are cool while the summers are summers are warm thus offering a right kind of atmosphere to the tea plantations and enhancing their growth. Tea gardens of Palampur are very popular and have attracted a lot of visitors too. Apart from tea plantations, the Hindu temples are also very popular. The next important feature that catches your attention is the Panchkarma therapy which is offered by Hotel Tea Bud. You can easily find a lot of options ranging from family suite to deluxe and semi deluxe rooms that offer a comfortable stay. The accommodation is spacious with all basic facilities to provide you a pleasant stay. Room services and car parking facilities are also offered.


Pancha is a Sanskrit word that means five and deals with therapeutic treatments to ensure better health. The main idea of Panchkarma is to purify your complete body and provide the best ways to keep your body balanced. Just like a cloth has to be cleaned before it can transformed into a new fabric similarly your body should also be cleaned so that it is filled with vigor and good health that you have been looking for. In most cases, this treatment is offered at the end and relieves people from mental stress and offers a relaxed feeling.

The therapy consists of five kinds of treatments which help in complete relaxation. The main motive is to remove toxins and leave your body healthy. In short it can be considered as a de-toxicating program which includes herbal massages, oil treatments, Vamana (emesis through herbs), Basti (medicated enemas), Nasya (nasal administration of oils), Virechana (purgation through herbs) etc. It helps in overcoming the serious health issues and improved your fitness to a great extent.


(A complete body massage)

It is a kind of oil massage which is done before the Panchkarma therapy. This massage is done by the two experienced therapists who are aware of its process and the way it has to be performed. The main benefit of abhyangam is to improve metabolism, enhance the blood circulation and remove toxins from your body. It brings back your energy and you feel full of life again. All Vata problems can be easily resolved through abhyangam together with other benefits also. The massage is deal for toning your body, stress reliever and relishing your skin. This therapy is one of the most popular ways to combat the fatigue and make you fit. The entire massage is done on “Droni” which is a special table.

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Terms and Conditions for Clients

  • Preparation time for most therapies is around 2 hours so ensure that you have enough time.
  • The timings for all therapies are 7 AM to 12 Noon and 3 PM to 7 PM.
  • The packages have their own durations which cannot be changed.
  • No discounts are available on any package.
  • No additional charges have to be paid.
  • Other medicines have to be purchased on your own.
  • The results are usually good but its effect can differ from body to body. Ayurvedic treatments are purely herbal and have no side effects.

How to Reach

  • By Air: Kangra airport is the nearest one from where you can catch flights to any destination. It is located 37 kms from main city.
  • By Rail: Kangra Railway is the nearest station from where you can find trains to all routes and is located only 4 kms away from Palampur.                 
  • By Road: From Delhi the distance is 545 km while Shimla is located at a distance of 235 kms.


Summers are usually hot; therefore cotton clothes will be better. Winters are cool and the climate is moderate all through the year.

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Panchkarma Packages At Hotel T Bud
Panchkarma Packages At Hotel T Bud
Panchkarma Packages At Hotel T Bud
Panchkarma Packages At Hotel T Bud
Panchkarma Packages At Hotel T Bud
Panchkarma Packages At Hotel T Bud

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