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The District Magistrate or the Deputy Commissioner are the services under the Indian Administrative section, the officers coming under the unit of geographical administration have the responsibility running the state of Himachal Pradesh like any other state. The various officers of state service and administrative service of Himachal Pradesh assist the deputy commissioner and the district magistrate.

To maintain law and order and issues related to it, an officer is being appointed by the Indian Police Service referred to as Police Superintendent. The officers of Himachal Police assist the superintendent of police.

To maintain the issues related to wild life, forests, and environment, an officer named Deputy Conservator is appointed by the Service of Indian Forest in the district. The officers of forest and wild life of Himachal Pradesh assist the forest service officer.

There are heads appointed by various departments of development like agriculture, PWD, animal husbandry, education and health etc for maintaining and developing them. These officers get appointed by several services of state.

Districts Information


The total population of Bilaspur district is about 382,056 and the area engrossed is about 1,167 km2. As the recording count of 2011, after the district of Kinnaur, Spiti, and Lahul, this district had the third lowest population.


Deputy Commissioner Office, Dist. Bilaspur, HP Pin - 174001       

Email: hpbil[at]nic[dot]in

Contact: (+91-1978)222433


The district of Bilaspur is being divided by the administration into Jhandutta, Bilaspur Sadar, and Bhumarwin tehsils. In January 1998, from the Ghumarwin, another tehsil Jhandutta was created. In January 1980, teshil of Naina Devi got originated from the Bilaspur Sadar.


This is a famous hill station territory having its altitude ranging from 2,000 to 21,000 feet.


Deputy Commissioner office, Dist. Chamba, HP Pin - 176310       

Email: hpcha[at]nic[dot]in

Contact: (+91-1899)224189


The area covered by the Chamba district is about 6528 sq km and has several ranges of hills around it. The range of altitude is from 2,000 to 21,000 feet surrounding the mountains. There are a total of 7 tehsils and 3 sub tehsils in the division of district.



Deputy Commissioner office, Dist. Hamirpur, HP Pin - 177001     

Email: hpham[at]nic[dot]in         

Contact: (+91-1972)223026


The district has various sub divisions which includes Bhoranj, Nadaun, Barsar, and Hamirpur.  Two tehsils, Sujanpur and Hamirpur fall under Hamirpur.  Three more subdivisions named Bhoranj, Nadaun, and Barsar form a tehsil. This district consists of 5 constituencies of Vidhan Sabha, named as Nadaun, Barsar, Bhoranj, Hamirpur, and Sujanpur etc. These divisions of Hamirpur are constituencies of Lok Sabha.


The 10.31% of geographical area of state is formed by it.


Deputy Commissioner office, Dist. Kangra at Dharamshala, HP Pin - 176215          

E-mail: hpkan[at]nic[dot]in

Contact: (+91-1892)222358


Sub divisions in Kangra: Kangra, Palampur, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, Nurpur, Dehra Gopipur, Baijnath, Jwali and Jaisinghpur. Tehsils in Kangra: Nurpur, Indora, Jwali, Kangra, Palampur, Badoh, Kasba Kotla, Jaswan, Dehra Gopipur, Khundiyan, Jaisinghpur, Baijnath, Fatehpur, Dharamshala and Shahpur. Sub-Tehsils in Kangra: Harchakkian, Dhira, Rakkad, Thural and Meerthan


From Shimla, at a distance of 235 km at the north-eastern region, lies Kinnaur located to the eastern part of Tibet.


Deputy Commissioner Office, Dist. Kinnaur at Rekong Peo, HP Pin - 172107          

E-mail: hpkin[at]nic[dot]in

Contact: (+91-1786)222379


In the state of Himachal Pradesh, out of 12 district of administration service of India, Kinaaur is the one. This district of Kinnaur has a total of 5 tehsils and also consists of three divisions of areas of administration called as Nichar, Pooh, and Kalpa. At the Reckong Peo, the office headquarter of Kinnaur is located.


The Kullu district lies from the Rampur village to the North Rohtang pass.


c/o Deputy Commissioner office, Dist. Kullu, HP Pin - 175101   

E-Mail: hpkul[at]nic[dot]in

Contact: (+91-1902)224130


  • Sub divisions in Kullu: Kullu, Anni, Banjar and Manali.
  • Tehsils in Kullu: Kullu, Nirmand, Banjar, Manali and Anni.
  • Sub-Tehsils in Kullu: Sainj.

Lahaul and Spiti

It got converted into a district in the 1960.  Before that, this district was considered to be the subdivision of Kullu.


c/o Deputy Commissioner office, Dist. Lahaul Spiti, at Keylong, HP Pin - 175132               

E-mail: hplsp[at]nic[dot]in          

Contact: (+91-1900)222759


Keylong is the major center of administration in Lahaul.  Before the merging of these two districts, captal of Lahual was Kardang while capital of Spiti was Dhankar. Spiti and Lahaul have two subdivisions and two tehsils. The ministry staff and executive assist district’s deputy commissioner. Besides the powers of collector and divisional Magistrate, the officers of subdivision got posted at Kaza, Udaipur, and Keylong.


In the northern parts of India, Mandi is regarded as one of the prominent place in state of Himachal Pradesh.


c/o Deputy Commissioner Office, Dist. Mandi, HP Pin - 175001

E-mail: hpman[at]nic[dot]in      

Contact: (+91-1905)224059


  • Tehsils: Mandi, Chachyot, Thunag, Karsog, Jogindernagar, Padhar, Ladbhadol, Sundernagar and Sarkaghat.
  • Sub-Tehsils: Bali Chowki, Sandhol, Kotli, Baldwada, Aut, Nihri and Dharampur.
  • Sub divisions: Mandi, Chachyot, Jogindernagar, Padhar , Sarkaghat, Karsog and Sundernagar


For source of income, horticulture, agriculture, and tourism, Shimla plays an important role in contributing to this state.


c/o Deputy Commissioner Office, Dist. Shimla, HP Pin - 171001               

E-mail: hpshi[at]nic[dot]in          

Contact: (+91-177)2658905


  • Tehsils - Rampur, Kumarsain, Seoni, Shimla(R), Shimla(U), Theog, Chaupal, Jubbal, Kotkhai, Rohru, Chirgaon, Dodra Kawar
  • Sub-Tehsils- Nankhari Rampur, Junga Shimla (R), Cheta(Kupvi) Chaupal, Nerwa Chaupal, Tikar Rohru
  • Towns- Rampur, Narkanda, Seoni, Kumarsain, Shimla, Theog, Chaupal, Kotkhai, Jubbal, Rohru
  • Sub-Divisions-   Shimla(U), Shimla(R), Theog, Chaupal, Rohru, Rampur, Dodra Kawar
  • C.D.Blocks- Mashobra, Theog, Chaupal, Jubbal, Kotkhai, Rohru, Kumarsain, Chirgaon, Basantpur, Nankhari
  • Legislative Assembly- Rampur, Shimla(R), Shimla(U), Theog, Chaupal, Jubbal - Kotkhai, Rohru, Kasumpati


The Sirmour district is located in the southern and eastern parts of Himachal Pradesh. This district is surrounded by mountains and covers a total of 90% of village population.


The administrative department of this district consists of 4 sub divisions, two communities of municipal, 6 block developmental authorities, 6 tehsils and 4 subdivisional tehsils and one committee of area. The total panchayats found are 228 out of which 26 are panchayats which function with an old orthodox principles.


c/o Deputy Commissioner Office, Dist. Sirmaur at Nahan, HP Pin - 173001        

E-mail: hpsir[at]nic[dot]in     

Contact: (+91-1702)222715


On 1st September 1972, Solan had become a district.


c/o Deputy Commissioner Office, Dist. Solan, HP Pin - 173212  

E-mail: hpsol[at]nic[dot]in          

Contact: (+91-1792)224169


There are 4 divisions of this district named as Kandaghat, Arki, Nalagarh, and Solan. There are 2 tehsils in this Solan district named as Kasauli and Solan. The subdivision of Kandaghat, Arki, and Nalagarh made the tehsils of Kandaghat, Nalagarh, and Arki.

There are total of 5 constituencies of Solan Vidhan Sabha named as Kasauli, Solan, Doon, Nalagarh, and Arki. These are included in the constituency of Shimla Lok Sabha.


This district is considered to be the industrial hub and major town of shipment for all tourists.


c/o Deputy Commissioner office, Dist. Una, HP Pin - 174303

E-mail: hpuna[at]nic[dot]in        

Contact: (+91-1975)223175


Government has developed a new block named as Haroli for the rural development before the development of Gagret, Amb, Una, and Bangana blocks in the district of Una.  About 219 gram Panchayats are present in the Una district.

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District Information Offices
District Information Offices
District Information Offices
District Information Offices
District Information Offices
District Information Offices

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