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Roads In Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is landlocked with Tibetan plateau to east, Jammu and Kashmir to north, Haryana and Punjab to north-west, UP to south and Uttarakhand to south-east. However, the state stands apart from its neighbors in terms of its sheer topographic diversity and breathtaking pristine natural beauty with 55655 sq km area. This state has famous tourist and pilgrimage destinations in abundance. Tourists should always carry the maps of the relevant places to find out the correct roads and also destined places.

The Government is always determined to lay better roads for the ease of visitors. There are more than 2000 temples including some vital shrines that’s why tourists come many time in a year from all over the country to see scenic beauty and to pay respect to God and Goddesses. Himachal Pradesh has twelve district and all are connected well with each other by roads for all economical, social and religious purposes. Being a hill state, it is prone to natural disasters which damage the roads and other infrastructure.

The Government has undertaken plans to build new roads and maintain already established nine national highways and 19 state highways. The development of infrastructure and roads are also necessary for the growth of industrial, agricultural, medical, educational and other public conveniences of this state. The central Government is providing various grants to develop roads and other infrastructures of the state.

The Roads are also very important for forests of Himachal Pradesh which constitute two-thirds of this state’s geographic area and are crucial to the region’s environmental and economic well-being and a primary livelihood source for its rural population.

Road Facts

Himachal Pradesh is connected with nine national highways (NH) with total 1235 km length namely NH-A, NH-20, NH-21, NH-22, NH-88, NH-70 etc. and nineteen state highways.
However, the state Government also has large network of roads and highways. The important tourist places of this state like shimla, Kullu, Manali and Dharamshala are well connected by good roads. Some of state roads are used only in respective peak seasons otherwise these roads remain closed due to landslide, snowfall and washing away. Most of the roads connecting Leh from different points of state remain closed in almost all winter season. District Hamirpurpur in Himachal Pradesh has the maximum density of roads in the country. Moreover the World Bank has also extended a loan in 2007 for 220million US dollar to state to improve the road conditions and construct new road net work for priority sectors. HRTC, a Government organization, operates well oiled network of buses on almost all state routes and in nearby states also. Taxis, cabs and private bus services are available in abundance for visitors and other commuters.

In nutshell, this hilly state holds number one rank in roads amongst other Indian hills states regarding road networking and their conditions.

Road Connections

The places of state are almost connected with a network of good roads but some of the roads are closed during the peak winter season due to landslides and heavy snowfall. The roads and mode of transport are in abundance in Himachal Pradesh, visitors can choose as per of their need and budget.
All the roads in Himachal Pradesh are approachable by any mode of transport but the cheap and best mode is that of HRTC. The mode of transport by HRTC is perhaps the most reliable and efficient throughout the state. HRTC also operates intra - city, inter-city, outside state and inner –city bus services. The 23bus depots throughout the state indulge completely in public transportation of this state.

The HRTC bus service from different cities of state takes the commuters and visitors to remotest places of state. There are four types of buses with HRTC for public transport and include deluxe buses, hi-tec. buses, ordinary buses and luxury coaches.

The roads network and modes of transport to any desired destination make this state much sought after pilgrimage and tourists favored hill state.

Famous Roads of Himachal Pradesh

Mall Road

The capital of Himachal Pradesh is Shimla, which has also been the summer capital of India during British Raaj. The famous Mall road of Shimla was constructed during colonial time and situated below the level of The Ridge. The important offices of police, Municipal Corporation, Fire services etc. are situated here. Any automobile, barring the emergency vehicles, is not allowed here that’s why tourists and local peoples leisurely walk on mall road in evenings.

Mall road at Shimla has departmental stores, restaurants, showrooms, café and three book stores including one for old books for visitors and book lovers. Himachal emporium is also located here which promotes and sales the handicrafts materials of this state.

Narkanda Road

This road is located on NH-22, Hindustan Tibet road, at an elevation of 2700 meters. Narkanda is renowned for winter sports and skiing. HPTDC started skiing here in 1980 and is also conducting courses in skiing since then. Narkanda also offers an amazing sight range of snow, making Narkanda an idyllic retreat place for tourists looking for privacy in mountains. It commands exclusive sight of endless snow line, thick forests and rich apple orchards.

Five New Highways

The central ministry of Highways has endorsed five more highways for this state to boost the transport, economy and tourism. They are

  • Chandigarh-Baddi- Nalagarh- Shalaghat—84km.
  • Hamirpur—Palampur—60km.
  • Bharmour-Chamba-Pathankot—133km.
  • Brahmpukhar-Bilaspur-Sarkaghat-Baijnath.
  • Taradevi-Kunihar-Ramshehar-Ghanauli—106.5.

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Roads In Himachal Pradesh
Roads In Himachal Pradesh
Roads In Himachal Pradesh
Roads In Himachal Pradesh
Roads In Himachal Pradesh
Roads In Himachal Pradesh

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