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Airports In Himachal Pradesh

The state of Himachal Pradesh draws a significant number of tourists every year. It has been decades for the picturesque surroundings catching the fancies of tourists to a large extent.

One can easily go for any mode of transport be it roads or airways as per the convenience. The state comprises of three Domestic airports located at Jubbarhatti, Gaggal and Bhuntar. However, there is no international airport reported in the state.

Located in the lap of the great Himalayas, the state of Himachal Pradesh is considered to be one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the country. This state is sometimes also referred to as residence of clouds.

Himachal Pradesh got its name derived from Himachal which means clouds, and Pradesh referred to as residence and hence the name, residence of clouds. The state has its location in the foothills of Himalayas and usually seen to be enwrapped with snow almost throughout the year. Sometimes people call it earth’s heaven and therefore huge traffic builds in every year. The Spring season basically witnesses majority of the tourists as the natural splendor is at its peak. It is an ideal destination for nature lovers and people seeking for calm and tranquility as the landscape views offered here makes it a must visit place among tourists of all age groups.

The airport found in this state is not very well developed and therefore people prefer to go to Delhi first and then go for the mode of transport as per their convenience. One can avail flights from Delhi for reaching Himachal Pradesh as the Delhi airport is linked to almost all prominent cities.

Major Airports in Himachal Pradesh

Bhuntar Airport

The airport of Bhuntar is located in the Bhuntar district nearby the Kullu and Manali. From kullu, it is found merely 10 km away while from Manali there is a distance of 50 km. Through Shimla, one can avail flights to Delhi to the Bhuntar. For Bhuntar, there is a regular service of flights facilitated by Jagson Airlines.

Challenges: The airport of Bhuntar is taken as challenging airport for all the pilots as runway of this airport is single and located in mid of the rising peaks that is higher as compared to the runway. Airport is located at the embankment of river Beas, and had also witnessed floods flash in the year 1995. In 2008, a new airport was built in this Bhuntar having enough space to park at least 2 airplane at one time.  The service of Regional Air India is stopped in July 2012 in state of Kullu and in September 2012, the service of Kingfisher Airlines got ceased.

Useful Info

Coordinates 31 52'36"N / 77 9'16"E
 Runway Length 3,690 ft
Runway Surface Asphalt

Gaggal Airport

The Gaggal airport is located in close proximity of Dharamsala. This airport was taken into consideration under the Kangra district of state of Himachal Pradesh. The airport lies 13 km away from Dharamsala and Kangra district is 8 km distant from here. From the airport of Gaggal, there are regular flights which can be availed from Delhi to the city of Pathankot.


This Airport has single runway that is 15/33 oriented and it is about 30 meters in width and 1408 meters in length along with 2525 feet of altitude and covers area of about 126 acres. About aircrafts of 2 turboprop just like ATR-72 parked in this airport in the space of 300 x 200 foot and about total of 100 passengers came under the building of this airport at one time. There are facilities of night landing, aerodrome beacon having PAPI lights in the aids of navigation.

Useful Info

Coordinates 32 9'54"N / 76 15'18"E
Runway Length 4,620 ft
Runway Surface Asphalt

Jubbarhatti Airport (Shimla)

By cutting the top of the mountain and make it leveled for single runway, this airport was constructed. To park the small aircrafts simultaneously, there is a maximum space in small apron.  The area of terminal have the capacity of containing passengers of about 50 from the arriving flights and passengers of 40 from the flight of departure.

About total of 28 passengers are allowed in the flights of Kingfisher Airlines in return journey because of high attitude in the Shimla that restricts the load of journey. So in September 2012, all the operations were ceased for Shimla.

For visiting Shimla, the airport of Jubbarhatti plays a significant role.  From the hill station of Shimla, the airport of Jubbarhatti lies merely 23 km away. There are flights facilitated on regular basis by the airlines of Deccan and Jagson playing a major role in carrying passengers.

Useful Info

Coordinates 31 4'54"N / 77 4'5"E
Runway Length 4,035 ft
Runway Surface Asphalt

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Airports In Himachal Pradesh
Airports In Himachal Pradesh
Airports In Himachal Pradesh
Airports In Himachal Pradesh
Airports In Himachal Pradesh
Airports In Himachal Pradesh

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