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Summer Festival

Rajasthan is a land of deserts and colourful festivities. Tourists from all across the world are attracted to Rajasthan because of its natural beauty and historic traditions and culture. For those interested in art, culture and music of traditional Rajasthan, the Summer Festival is a must-visit. The festival is held in Mount Abu every year. The Rajasthan Tourism committee organizes this festival between the months of May and June on the occasion of Budh Purnima. The Summer Festival signifies the warmth and happiness which is prominently seen when the locals welcome tourists.

Mount Abu is the ideal destination for celebrating the festival. The tranquil surroundings add to the enjoyment of the festivities. The Summer Festival is conducted over a period of three days and includes folk dances, music and multi-coloured processions. There are several sporting events that are also a part of the Summer Festival. Some of the sporting events that can be witnessed during the festival include boat races, horse race, tug of war, skating races, panihari matka race and band shows by the CRPF.

Mount Abu features a cool climate even during the peak summer months. This makes the hill station a perfect place to organize the Summer Festival. The hill station is surrounded by beautiful lakes and rolling hills. Tourists planning to visit Mount Abu for the Summer Festival can also enjoy the numerous sightseeing opportunities and scenic views that Mount Abu offers.

Summer Festival Tour

The Summer Festival in Mount Abu starts from the day of Budh Purnima. The festival falls in the Hindu month of Ashadh. The Summer Festival begins as a ceremonial parade from the RTDC Hotel Shikhar. The crowd later assembles at the Nakki Lake Square where folk concerts original to Rajasthan are held. The last day of the festival closes with grand and colourful fireworks. The first day of the festival is focused on traditional dances, music and instrumental performances. The next two days are more exciting, as the crowds can enjoy several sporting events. The main attractions of the festival are the folk dance forms like Ghoomar, Daph, Gair and Ballads. Ballads are recitation of poems of historic legends. Ghoomar is mainly performed by women wearing traditional costumes whereas Gair dance is usually performed by men. The festivities begin right from the morning hence it is best for tourists to grab a quick breakfast at one of the sidewalk cafes and observe the locals performing their best.

Significance of Summer Festival Tour

The Summer Festival is dedicated to the local culture, folk music and dance of the area. The festival is the time when people of Mount Abu show their customs and traditional dances and music. The highlight of the festival is focus on the tribal culture of Rajasthan. The festival ends with a colourful firework display. The Summer Festival is the only festival that showcases the original culture and tradition of the state.

Main Attraction of Summer Festival

The Summer Festival is the right representation of the culture of Rajasthan. The evenings during the festival are filled with musical delight. The Shaam e Qawwali sees performances by singers from across the country. It is one of the most entertaining features of the Summer Festival. Tourists can also enjoy the boat racing and also participate in the race alongside the locals. The rowing competition is respected by the locals, as a legend states that the lake bed was carved by the gods with their nails and hence the name Nakki Lake. A few streets in the town are blocked for skating races. Tourists can hire a pair of skates and take part in the race.

How to Reach in Summer Festival

By Air

The closest airport to Mount Abu is in Udaipur about 185Km away. From Udaipur tourists can hire taxis or take buses to reach Mount Abu.

By Rail

The closest railhead to Mount Abu is the Abu Road. It is about one hour away from Mount Abu and offers good connectivity to Delhi and Ahmedabad.

By Road

Mount Abu is best reached by road from any city or town in Rajasthan. The state government operates buses and luxury coaches to Mount Abu. Jaipur is at a distance of 517Km, Jodhpur is about 267Km and Udaipur is about 187Km from Mount Abu. The hill station can also be accessed by road from Ahmedabad thru Udaipur.

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