The spiritual town of Pushkar is situated in the district of Ajmer, Rajasthan.  It is located at a distance of 14 km from Ajmer and 145 km away from Jaipur, atop the Aravali mountain range.  This picturesque, quaint town houses many temples, the most popular one being the Brahma temple, and the holy Pushkar Lake. Thus, it welcomes a multitude of devout pilgrims each year.

Theological Significance

Pushkar is claimed to have ben one of the oldest cities of India, its origins being roughly dated to the 4th century B.C. Hindu theology states that Pushkar was founded by Lord Brahma, while he was on his search for a suitable place to perform Mahayagna. During this search, the demon Vajra Nabha killed Brahma's children which deeply angered the lord. He retaliated by killing the demon with his weapon, the lotus flower.  The petals of this lotus fell at three places, one being Pushkar. A lake was created at this site in Pushkar where Brahma performed the yagna as a shield against all demons, on the auspicious occasion of Kartik Purnima.

The Brahma temple was built to honour the deity, and it is the only one in the world dedicated to Brahma, the creator of the world. Thousands of devotees throng the banks of the Pushkar Lake to take a dip in its water as it is supposed to guarantee salvation from past sins.

Brahma Temple

It is the main attraction of this vintage town. The Brahma temple occupies an important place in Hindu mythology, as mentioned earlier.  A life sized, four faced statue of the deity stands proudly on a platform, with marble steps built at its feet. The polished marble floor is studded with silver coins, and the walls have carvings of peacocks. A pair of silver doors is present at the entrance, within a marble gateway. An aura of peace and calm fills the interiors of this temple, making it an ideal place for meditation.

Savitri Temple

This temple has been built to honour Savitri, the wife of Lord Brahma. It resides atop the Ratnagiri Hill, and enshrines a resplendent statue of the deity.

Ramavaikunth Temple

Built in the 1920s, this grand temple with its elaborate architecture is undoubtedly one of Pushkar's largest temples.  It houses intricately carved sculptures of a whopping 361 deities.

Mahadeva Temple

The Mahadeva Temple is an exquisite structure that consecrates the deity Mahadeva.  It was constructed in 19th century. It is mainly famous for its imposing Mahadeva idol carved in white marble.

Other Temples

Pushkar occupies a prime spot in India's cultural heritage, harbouring diverse Hindu temples. Apart from the main ones, there are other temples such as the Varaha temple built in honour of the deity Varaha (who had a body of a man and the head of boar) and the Rangaji Temple that enshrines an idol of Lord Vishnu.

Pushkar Lake

The Pushkar Lake is considered extremely sacred by Hindu devotees and pilgrims. Each year, the town sees thousands of ardent followers who come and bathe in the holy lake. The pure waters have been claimed to cleanse people of all sins, diseases and evils. Smoking, photography, and passing lewd comments is strictly prohibited, as privacy and sanctum is given prime importance.

Pushkar Bazaar

The Pushkar Bazaar is a tourist hub and a shopper's paradise. Mementos ranging from silver ornaments, handmade tapestry, embroidered bags, fabrics with beautiful needlework, stitched shoes, home decor etc are sold at optimum rates.

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