A beautiful town of Rajasthan, Alwar lies close to Delhi. The district is a portion of NCR and is cited around 160 km to the southern side of Delhi and around 150 km to the northern side of Jaipur. Amongst the several Rajput territories, Alwar was the nearest to the Imperial Delhi. The city was previously the capital of the Alwar state. Formerly, it was spelt as Ulwar during the British period but as it got positioned last while being placed in the alphabetical order. So a king changed Ulwar’s spelling to Alwar and brought it to the top position. The place is surrounded by beautiful Aravali Hills and is famous all across India because of Bala-Quila, Van Abhyaranya and Silished.


Alwar has 12 tehsils, which includes Nimrana, Tijara, Thanagazi, Ramgarh, Rajgarh, Mundawar, Laxmangarh, Kotkasim, Kathumar, Kishangarh Bas, Behror, Bansur and Alwar

Jaisamand Lake

Jaisamand Lake is lies in Alwar city and it is one of the most famous picnic locations in Alwar. The lake holds 1.5km embankment. This lake was basically designed to lock water flowing in Ruparel River. It is known as the second greatest artificial lakes of Asia. It was manufactured by Maharaja Jai Singh in the year 1910. You can pay a visit to this place in the rainy season when the landscape turns completely green.

Neelkanth Temple

Alwar’s Neelkanth Temple is an amazing tourist attraction.it is sited around 32km from the Sariska National Park main gate. The building was designed during 6th and 9th century. The temple has been crafted as a dedication to Lord Shiva. It attracts a huge number of people all through the year from the nation. The temple looks much like an old museum but it is in a decrepit state. However, the fine exquisite artwork on the spire is like before and is worth seeing.

Company Garden

Company Garden is a must visit location constructed by Raja Shiv Dan Singh in 1868. The garden is cited in the Chatri of the Palace. The major interest of the Bagh is Shimla House. It has been amazingly crafted and decorated. It is well surrounded by colourful lawn and plush green grass.

Munsi Maharani

Out of the Alwar city palace, you will find an impressively nestled ornamental Moosi Maharani ki Chattri created by Vinay Singh. The cenotaph was constructed in Maharaja Bakhtatwar Singh and Rai Moosi memory, who took up Sati on the pyre of her husband. The upper level is constructed with marble and has beautiful arches and distinctive round roofs. The internal area of the cenotaph features some beautiful carvings. If you are lucky enough, you’ll witness dozens of peacocks and many other birds flapping around. There is huge water tank near the Chatri.

Bhangarh Haunted Fort

It is a haunted fort in Alwar and the Archaeological Survey of India has stopped tourists to stay within premises of the fort after sunset and before sunrise. The fort is a major tourist attraction.

Several other tourist attractions include Saagar dam, Dehmi, NikumbhMahal, City Palace, Jain Mandir, Vijay Mandir, Naldeshwar and many more.

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