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Chambal Festival Kota

This adventure festival is organized by the tourism department and the UIT where exhibitions, sports events are showcased in this three-day long adventure festival. It is organized in the month of February every year in Kota and the professional sportsmen and the army personal attracts many tourists and visitors. The spectators enjoy the rafting, parasailing, kayaking and water skiing.

Festival Tour

People from all India visit Rajasthan to attend this adventure festival which is full of amusement and enjoyment. The adventure sports lovers can have a good time at this fair where professional sportsmen show their skills in different sport activities. The thrill and adventure during this festival cannot be explained in words.

Dangerous and daring events take place in the Chambal Lake like Parasailing, rafting, Kayaking and water skiing which is enjoyed by the spectators of the fair. The visitors without fail leave no stone unturned and boost the confidence of the sportsmen taking part in this festival. This lake is an epitome of beauty and landscape and this festival was organized just to get more and more tourists visit this city. Other sports that can be enjoyed are gliding, rock climbing, angling, excursion and trekking

Significance of Chambal festival

The significance of this festival was just boost the tourism and the invite more and more people from different states and countries. The adventure activities in this fair are breathtaking and cannot be explained in words.

Main Attraction of the Festival

The professional sportsmen and the army troupes that take part in the adventure sports is what pulls most of the tourists while they wholeheartedly applaud and cheer the participants.

How to Reach

This district is connected well with the nearby places as National Highway 12 and National Highway no 76 pass through this district. One can easily get buses to reach Kota.

Kota has its own railway station and is well connected with the rest of the parts of India. This station is marked as an important station on the line of Delhi-Mumbai. There are four railway stations in Kota and many direct trains to Kolkata.

There is also an airport in Kota but only chartered planes land at that stop as no flights have been scheduled since a very long time at that airport.

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