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Sri Ganganagar

This city lies at the northern most part of Rajasthan and this district lies between 28.4 to 30.6 latitude and longitude of 72.2 to 75.3. 11,154.466 km sq is the total area of Sri Ganganagar. On the east it is surrounded by Hanumangarh district, Bikaner district on the south and Bahawalnagar district of Paksitani Punjab on the west and Punjab on the north. The closest airports are Amritsar.

The District

This is the northern most district of Rajasthan and the Sri Ganganagar town is the district headquarter and is also famously known as the ‘Punjab of Rajasthan’ as there is a huge Punjabi population in the district. The other name to this place is the ‘breadbasket of Rajasthan.’


This is town that is located on the left banks of the Ghaggar at a reading of 29.47 degree north to 74.13 degree east. This place holds a very significant spot at the Indus Valley Civilization. The excavation report of Kalibangan was presented by the Archeological Survey of India in the year 2003, after 34 years of the completed excavation.  It was said that this place was one of the major provincial capital of the Indus Valey Civilization.

Hindumalkot Indo-Pak International Border Area

Locally known as the International Border, Hindumalkot is the border running between the India and Pakistan that is international and it marks the states of India and the four provinces of Pakistan.

How to Reach

The closest airport to Sri Ganganagar is Amritsar which is 271 kms by road and from Jaipur, Chandigarh and Dehradun at distance of 360 kms from train. This place is nicely connected to the rest of India with the help of roadways and trains. As per the records there will be a metro rail project in future.

Sri Ganganagar is ata distance of 424 kms from Delhi through train. 427 kms from Rewari, 128 kms from Bhatinda, 1980 kms from Howrah, 397 kms from Kalka, 1963 kms from Nanded, 485 kms from Hardiwar, 60 kms from Suratgarh and 184 kms from Firozpur. The rail track between the Hanumangarh and Dri Ganganagar will soon be made into a broad gauge.

Gauri Shankar Temple

The famous Gauri Shankar temple at Sri Ganganagar is only dedicated to Lord Shiva and there stands a Shivlinga at the sanctum of the temple. There are two cone shaped turrets and is built by using sandstone.

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