Ahore which is also sometimes known as Ahor is situated in the Jalore District of Rajasthan. It is located on the Jalore Sanderao Rao road which is 17 kilometers from Jalore city. It is also the headquarter of Jalore Tehsil. The geographic location of Ahore is 25.37°N 72.78°E. It is situated on elevated land at an altitude of 183 meter or 600 ft. It can be conveniently reached as it is located on intersection road of Jodhpur and Jalore. As per the census of 2001, the population in Ahore was 14,623. The female population in Ahore is 7172 while the male population is7451.

Ahore- The Tehsil

There are a total of 41 gram panchayats in the Ahore Tehsil. Following are the names of gram panchayats in Ahore: Ajeetpura, Bankli, Badanwari, Thikana Bala, Agawari, Ahore, Aipura, Bavadi, Bhadrajun, Bhanwarani, Bhooti, Bhanswara, Bhorda, Chandra, Bithuda, Charali, Chunda, Chavarcha, Kanwla, Kavarada, Nimbla, NORWA, Nosra, Padarali, , Dayalpura, Ghana, Guda Balotan, Harji, Kamba, Padarali, Panchota,  Raithal, Paota , Rama, Rodla Thanwala, Valadara, Umedpur, Vediya, Sedriya Balotan, Dodiyali, Shankhwali, Sugalia Jodha.

Birthplace of Jain Muni

Muni Jayanandvijay who was a great Jain scholar, is said to be born in the town of Ahore. This town holds great importance to Jains because it is believed that the core books on Jain literature and Jain beliefs were written in this small town by Acharya Rajendrasuri. There are total eight Jain temples in the village. The most popular Jain temple in Ahore is the Godi Parshvanath Mandir. It was established by Acharya Rajendrasuri Maharaaj. Another popular temple here is the SRIMAD RAJCHANDRA temple of AGA Sashram. Parshwad which is a grand temple of the Lord Parshvanath is also situated here. The Vimalnathji mandir which is a historical temple is also situated here in Ahore. The oldest temple of Ahore is the Shantinathji temple. It is a one of a kind temple in all over India. Ahore is a very important place for Jain pilgrims.

Bhata Gair

Ahore is popular for its Bhata Gair Ceremony. Till 2004 it was celebrated during the colorful festival called Holi. During this ceremony two person teams are formed. One member of the team consumes alcohol while the other one does not. The two team members are clearly separated by a fence. The goal is for the teams to get  across the fence. The team to cross first wins. While team members try to reach their partner on the other end they have to be in their section of the game. If they invade into another player’s section stones are thrown at him. The only rule of the game is that only Ahore citizens can participate in it. The reason it was stopped is because people got seriously injured and some people were even killed during the stoning part of the ceremony.

Steel Handicraft & Mojri Business

The things that Ahore is famous include steel handicraft, railing grill, steel designing of temple gates, etc. This type of work of steel is performed by expert professionals called “Suthars”. There is a total of fourteen steel handicraft workshops situated in Lahore. They get their work assignments from across the state and also important metropolitan cities of India like Mumbai, Vijaywada, Chennai, etc. Mojri is another speciality of Ahore. It is a special kind of footwear which is made from leather steel. The Heramji Handicraft Workshop makes the mojris.

Sureshawar Mandir

It is a beautiful temple which is situated 10 kilometers away from Ahore in Aesrana Pandgara.

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