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Rajasthan’s Rajputs have lent it the grandeur and regality. The state of rajasthan has capitalized on the same and its regality now invites tourists from across the globe who come here to submerge into the ocean or royality. This is precisely why a lot of tourist prefer to enjoy the desert the way the royals did and hence live In the regal hotels that were once the residence of the erstwhile rulers.

The heritage hotel regains till date its majestic form in between this magnificence expance of sand and natures other specialities that t has bestowed Rajasthan with.  The rulers of the past too were attracted to this glory of nature and hence the inhabitantswho lived thelong-goneagesupplemented a splendidstroketo the canvas of Rajasthan by constructinga number of the hugelywealthy palaces, strong forts, decorativeestates, beautifulworship houses and multicoloredhaveliswithevery single one of them being uncomarable to anywhere else. They also give birth to heroism, bravery, passion and glory to the state that it proudly contains in its heart till date

The experience of Rajasthan’s royal past can be witnessed with its elegant and graceful heritage hotels. Once the residences of the erstwhile rulers of the Raupatana clan, These hotels transform you to the bygone era and helps you experience what Rajasthan once was.

A lot ofancient cities including that of Jodhpur, Jaipur ,Jaisalmer,Bharatpur, Udaipur and several others continue to flourish in the state of Rajasthan.

Hotels Features

The visitors of Rajasthan experience this splendor in these royal and luxurious within these walled hotels that were once witness to the regality of the Rajputs.They tender the guests a comfortable and memorable stay in the desert.Particularly for the foreign tourists, These hotels provide an insight to the culture of India.There are several such hotels and resorts in Rajasthan that offer services based on one’s budget, desires and preferences. Every tourist with deep or shallow pocket can find something for themselves there. From imperial heritage hotels to humble budget ones,rajasthan has all of them in their kitty. The Heritage hotels are the most fascinating ones as they were once Havelis and Palaces of the affluent and royal people of Rajasthan that have now been opened for the public.

Major tourists cities like those of Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bikaner, Udaipur, Jaisalmerandand several others also offer extremely stylish and deluxe hotels in these cities. Suchresorts boastof wonderfulamenities and services thatput forwardthe entire pleasures along with the zenith of kindnessat the same time as you areenjoying the beauty of the hotel.

Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan

The heritage hotels across the state of Rajasthan allow you to feel like a royal or even a king for a while.Enter the patio regally while you ride the back of an elephant, Sit back in the grand drubar hall to have the several cuisines of the world, Experience the divine luxury of the state while you witness the folk dances of the traditional Rajasthani dances.  Witness the imperialway of lifeof royals in India during your vacation at these fine luxury hotels.Spend your vacations at these legendary palaces that ascendas if they are a granitedreamcoming from abluepond. LThese experiences allow one to lead a life for a king .these hotels are genuinely heritage and give you an experience like never before. To have the real experience of the state of Rajasthan and to stand witness to the regality of the Rajputs, One must come to these hotels and take back an essence of the culture.Rajasthan and its special hotelsreconstruct themedieval magnificenceof itsinterior decoration, amenities and fashion of the way they indulge in the treatment of their guests. These are the services that will take you to a first hand experience of the royal rajasthan. Take part in theexceptionalconveniencesaccessiblein theseregalhotels in Rajasthan. The employees of theseopulentresorts in Rajasthan areparticularlytaught to carry out themselves toprovideto the guest the same luxury that was once accessible only to kings and queens.

Category Wise List

The hotles of the state of Rajasthan in India are such that every tourist with every sort of a pocket can come and find a comfortable place to stay.Apart from the extremely royal heritage hotel and the luxurious 5 starred hotels, there are sever budget hotels that allow a safe and comfortable stay. Particularly the  Rajasthan Tourist Development Corporation (RTDC). The higher end hotels are perfect to stay and offer every sort of kuxury and comfort that one would desire in a proper hotel. Including pools, television and every cuisine. Staying at Rajasthan would be lying on the clouds.

Heritage Hotels

  • NarainNiwas Palace (Jaipur)
  • Samode Haveli (Jaipur)
  • Raj Mahal Palace (Jaipur)
  • Lake Palace Hotel (Udaipur)
  • Rambagh Palace (Jaipur)
  • FatehPrakash Palace (Udaipur)
  • Hotel Lalgarh Palace (Bikaner)
  • KarniBhawan Palace (Bikaner)
  • AjitBhawan (Jodhpur)
  • Jaimahal Palace (Jaipur)
  • Balsamand Lake Palace (Jodhpur)
  • Hotel Pushkar Palace (Pushkar)
  • JawaharNiwas Palace (Jaisalmer)
  • Samode Palace Samode (Jaipur)

Luxury Hotels

  • Mansingh Palace (Jaipur)
  • Oberoi Raj Vilas (Jaipur)
  • Park Plaza(Jaipur)
  • Countryinn and suites (Jaipur)
  • Fortune Hotel Umed (Jodhpur)
  • TajHariMahal (Jodhpur)
  • Fort Rajwada (Jaisalmer)
  • TajRawalKot (Jaisalmer)
  • Trident Hillton (Udaipur)
  • ObroiUdai Vilas(Udaipur)

Budget Hotels

  • Hotel Gangaur (Jaipur)
  • Hotel Empire Regency (Jaipur)
  • Hotel Galaxy (Jaipur)
  • Hotel Ghoomar (Jodhpur)
  • Hotel Royal Palace (Jodhpur)
  • Hotel New Park (Pushkar)
  • Hotel Sona (Jaisalmer)
  • Hotel Neeraj (Jaisalmer)
  • Hotel Vrindawati (Bundi)
  • Hotel Jaidev Plaza (Bikaner)
  • Hotel Saras (Bharatpur)

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