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Brij Festival

  • Location

Bharatpur, Rajasthan

  • Significance

Held in the honor of Lord Krishna

  • Time of Celebration

Prior to the festival of Holi (according to the Hindu calendar), which usually falls in March.

The famous festival of Brij falls in March, a few days before the festival of colors, Holi. The festival of Brij is held in the remembrance of Lord Krishna. The spirit of Holi & the eternal love of Radha & Krishna are the impersonated in this carnival of Bharatpur, known as Brij festival. The festival of Brij is associated with Lord Krishna. The area where it is celebrated is the inspiration behind it’s name. The region of Brij comes under the Bharatpur district. During this festival the air is always full of fervor & zest. An ageless love story-Story of Lord Krishna & Radha, is depicted in the famous Raslila by villagers dressed in multicolor attires. This festival is celebrated in March. The commencement of celebration is marked by the performances done by Lord Krishna’s acolytes or lovers, by gathering outdoors.

Raslila Dance attracts most of the gathering in this festival. Performances on this day include folk songs and dances, apart from the Raslila Dance. Age and caste is no bar in Brij festival. The dash of colors in the air makes whole of the region come alive and look gorgeous.

After taking bath in the holy waters of Bangana River in the morning, devotees gather at Shri Radha Krishnaji ‘s temple before starting the celebrations. The souls are believed to be purified by the holy water. After that, the Hanuman temple, Ganga Bihari temple, Lord Shiva temple and matha of Goswamiji temple, are visited by the devotees.

Among the famous festivals, one is the festival of Brij. Both the Rajasthan’s history and it’s culture, have always been closely linked with Lord Krishna. From the pious songs or paintings, to the carvings or etchings, Lord Krishna’s figure plays an important part. Thus a lot of excitement is there in the festival of Brij in Rajasthan.

Brij Festival Tour

The bright dresses of people are the first thing you will notice when you visit Brij festival of Bharatpur. Colorfully dressed men and women mostly sing songs.Raslila dance is of the unique features of this festival. The entire love story of Radhaand Krishna is presented in this dance.Radha and Krihsna and their associates are depicted by men and women in colorful dresses. The famous splashing of colors on each other also takes place. From far and wide tourists come to visit this festival. Along with being a festival of color, people are also at their merry self and enjoy by eating and drinking. The eternal love of Lord Krishna is signified by these festivities and the tourists who visit Brij festival in Bharatpur also take part in this festivity.The festive spirit immerses everyone and the entire region looks colorful.

Significance of Brij Festival Tour

The true essence, spirit and culture of the regionare reflected here. All people celebrate the unique festival of Brij, which signifies love and unity. In the morning people gather to offer prayers at the Radha Krishna temple. People take a dip in the holy water at the ghats of Banganga River before going for these prayers. The belief of the worshippers is that taking a dip in this water can purify them. It is believed that the soul gets purified by taking this holy dip.

Main Attraction of Brij Festival

The Raslila Dance depicting the story of the eternal love of Radha and Krishna is the main attraction point of the Brij Festival of Bharatpur, Rajasthan. Devotees gather at the ShriRadhaKrishnaji temple in the morning during the Brij Festival and at the ghats (a flight of steps leading to the water) of the Banganga River, take a bath. The sound of folk songs, which fills the airenthralls people and make the town of Bharatpurcome alive on the eve of Brij festival. The villagers of Bharatpur dressed in bright and colorful costumes perform this dance.People are mesmerized by the sound of folk songs which fills the air throughout Bharatpur. One of the important fairs and festivals of Rajasthan is BharatpurBrij Festival. Hundreds of tourists visit it.The true traditional culture of Rajasthan is reflected in this fair. The true spirited nature of the locals is it’s essence.A visit to the Brij festival of Bharatpur is an essential part of every traveler’s Rajasthan tour. The Delhi - Mumbai main railway lineand National Highway no. 11 (Bikaner - Agra) also pass through Bharatpur. Agra airport is the nearest to Bharatpur at a distance of 56 km. Impressive road network connects Bharatpur to major cities.

How to Reach in Brij Festival

By Air

At about 54 kms, the airport in Agra is the nearest. Daily flights from Delhi, Bombay, Varanasi (via Khajuraho) and Lucknow connect Agra.

By Rail

Delhi - Bombay line passes through Bhratapur with Mathura, Sawai Madhopur and Kota having regular connection on the same route. Agra is also connected to it.

By Road

Agra, Mathura, Delhi and Jaipurare well connected to Bharatpur by road. All major cities operate regular bus service to Bharatpur. By road Bharatpur is 55 kms from Agra, 22kms from Fatehpur Sikri, 39 kms from Mathura, 184 kms from Delhi, 176 kms from Jaipur and 117 kms from Alwar.

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