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Jaipur Literature Festival

  • Location

Jaipur, Rajasthan

  • Significance

To showcase and appreciate various works of literature, from all over the world

  • Time of Celebration

It takes place around the last week of January.

An endeavour of the Jaipur Virasat Foundation pioneered under Faith Singh in 2006, the Jaipur Literature Festival has grown to become one of  Asia-Pacific's  largest , leading and independent literary fests. Sponsored by DSC Limited, the Jaipur Literature Festival is a free token of appreciation and celebration of varied works of literature, not only Indian but also from all across the globe.

It hosts a potpourri of activities over four to five days, ranging from reading sessions,  interesting talks by popular authors and writers, workshops,  literary exhibits, musical performances, debates, and much more.   The venue for this event is none other than the resplendent Rajasthani property - Diggi Palace Hotel in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The main organizers of this massive festival aka festival directors are Namita Gokhale and William Darylmpl . The festival is produced by Teamwork Productions. Over the past six years, the Jaipur Literary Festival has come to stand proudly on its own feet, throwing  its arms wide open to throngs of eager writers, readers and literature enthusiasts, every year in January.

Tour of the Jaipur Literary Festival

The Jaipur Literary Festival is based on a theme each year. The best part of the festival is that enthusiasts can enter free of cost.  The festival hosts interactive sessions with  several popular Indian and foreign writers, based on a particular topic, book, work of literature, etc. Open discussions and debates are held,  that are extremely thought provoking and engaging. Funny narrations by different authors keep the audience entertained.  This festival has gained popularity among socialites and celebrities as well, who have brought it to prominence with their presence.

Besides the focus on literature,  another aspect of this festival is music. The evening is reserved for musical performances by many artistes and bands. Popular Indian, French, Canadian and British artistes have performed splendidly in the past.  Book exhibits and sales are also organized for the audience.  Other facilities include food stalls, handicraft stalls, a relaxation lounge and bar.


The Jaipur Literature Festival commemorates traditional, contemporary and modern literature. Itseeks  to spread awareness about literary works from different parts of the world, amongst those who are present.  It serves as a free platform to bring international writers and authors together, by helping them share their work and creations with fellow enthusiasts, readers and writers.

Main Attraction

One of the major highlights of the Jaipur Literature Festival, is that it is a largely a free event, and open to everyone. The audience can choose from a several activities that includes discussions, debate sessions, talks by famous authors, skills workshops, handicraft and literary exhibits, etc. The festival invites new authors as well, and gives them a chance to promote their work. One of the major attractions of the fest is the interactive talk sessions with  popular writers,  where questions and answers from the audience are welcome.

How to Reach

By Rail

The nearest station to Jaipur is Delhi.

By Road

Since Delhi is the closest and most convenient route for travellers, a six hour road trip is also favoured by many.

By Air

The nearest airport is Delhi.

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