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Since times immemorial, Sports has served as the best way to enjoy time in the royal and colorful state of Rajasthan. There was also a time when the royals indulged in the leisure by enjoying sports like the camle riding, horse riding and even polo. Another famous and loved sport was that of Archery. As time began the way Rajasthani people played sports and looked at it has evolved making space for newer sports and games. Modern day games like soccer, cricket has replaced the older ones. Aero sports has also emerged as a very popular sport in Rajasthan.Considering Rajasthan ascent as a major tourist magnet, The Sports of Rajasthan has swollen to inculcate those that can also be played by the flosck of tourists.  A very unique sphere of landscape has blessed Rajasthan with sports that may differ from those played across the country. Home to a lot of sports that deal with Adventure, Some of Rajasthan’s best bids are:

  • Ballooning
  • Polo
  • Gliding
  • Trekking
  • Cycling
  • Water sports
  • Golf
  • Rallies
  • Desert safari

One game that still symbolizes regality and royalty in Rajasthan remains to be the sport of polo. The superior skill of riding of the Rajasthani people is a major factor in its popularization. Once played only by the royals, Polo was patronized in such a way that dedicated stabiles were built to breed polo horses that would carry the Kings on their backs. Bicycle Polo, Camel Polo and Elephant Polo are amongst the several varieties of polo apart from the classical horse polo.Each year, There are a number of such tournaments across the state where several professionals as well as royals take part in. Majorly, The matches organized are either for a special social cause or they are friendly.

Echoing the general taste of the entire nation, Cricket is also a very famous sport in Rajasthan too The upsurge of cricket in Rajasthan is mainly due to the dedication and interest shown by its own people.  Here, the rise of cricket has taken Rajasthan and its professional cricket to another level too. With a strong representation in the glamorous IPL and also in the domestic level, rajasthan has not only played cricket as a leisure but also with utmost professionalism.

Apart from that, The Aero Sports in this part of the country is extremely sought after. Para-sailing, Ballooning, Gliding and evenparasailing can be experienced at in the state of Rajasthan.

The Winters offer the optimum time for those who seek pleasure in trekking when in rajasthan.

Monsoon is one season when the entire area of the state is covered in a blanket of beauty.Peacocks and other indigenous bird fill the sky and the earth lending smoothness to your heartbeats Ballooning.

Another famous game played here is Golf.  Golf Course here was first commissioned by the Maharaja Man Singh Himself. Motorcar rallies also are swiftlygettingadmiredby the young guns of the state. TRallies where the vintage cars are exhibited are often conducted and curate in January which is so huge that the entire nation finds its representation there.

People also love to camp their stay in the admirable state of Rajasthan. The presence of such places across the state also makes the adventure trip more popular. Dausa,Chetoli, Ranthambore,Kheechan Manvar, Samode and Sam must be sought after for such adventures. The camps also take up safari trips

Thanks to its huge lakes and ponds, Rajasthan also boasts of a rich boating culture. Angling and boating are somethings that are taken seriously here. The gliding and boating experiences leaves the mind refreshed and wanting for more

The most popluar way to roam around in Rajasthan, Cycling is undobtebly a facourite sport in Rajasthan too. All across the state are places from where cycles can be hired. Something that has gained fame in Rajasthan lately is the car rallies.

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