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Sand Dunes Of Rajasthan

The rolling sand dunes of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan are a sight to reckon and are considered as spectacular by visitors who come to experience them here. The winds blow over the desert shifting the sand dunes in different forms that are like waves and ripples. The desert scene is never constant but changes all the time as the day passes as not only the winds and the breezes but also the light of the sun and moon makes a heavenly play of shadows and light and also give different hues to the sand dunes. The magic created by the rising and the setting sun on the vast expanse of sand is a treat to the eyes and an unforgettable experience.

Tourists can experience these magical sands which are only about 42 kms from the desert city of Jaislmer and more so when they take a Desert safari on camel back in the sand dunes and camp in tents at night in this ocean of sand.  Unless one takes the desert safari, one cannot say that one has completely seen and experienced Rajasthan.

The Golden Sand Dunes

The golden sunlight on the sand dunes creates mesmerizing visual effects and sometimes makes the sand dunes look steeped in gold. When the sand dunes take this golden hue, professional and amateur photographers have a field day taking artistic pictures of the forms taken by the shifting sands and the play of light on them. The villages bordering the desert have cattle and sheep and where there is water there is also some cultivation which stands in stark contrast to the arid desert next to it. At night, the moon light brings a different mood over the cool sands. Temperatures dip quickly after sunset and there is a serene silence with the lilting tune from a flute of a shepherd coming from a distance. This is a perfect location for a movie with a story plot that is woven in the desert and also a perfect destination for tourists to experience an extraordinary locale.

The Sand Dunes Trip

For tourists trips to the Sand dunes are organized on camel back. These camel safaris also called the desert safaris originate from Jaisalmer, the nearest town to the desert. The camel is the ship and lifeline of the desert and the people living in this area depend upon it for transportation. The camel safari is exciting and informative as one can get first hand experience of the life of the people in the desert, their hardships and also the serenity that they enjoy. The different characters that the desert shows at different times are also worth noticing. It is also possible to camp in the desert and stay in tents that have all the comforts that a tourist requires.

The Golden Sand dunescamel safari takes you from Jaisalmer to Bada Bagh and proceeds to Baisakhi and Roopsi  after goes across Ludravara, Damodar, Moolsagar and Duzasar and brings you back to Jaisalmer.

Safari Tips

While a trip in the sand dunes or a desert safari is an experience to be coveted, it is also necessary to take safety measures while going into unfamiliar and harsh territory. As the weather in these parts tends to be extreme; very hot during the day and cold at night, one must carry plenty of potable water and drink frequently to protect oneself from dehydration. The hot sun also tends to cause sun burn on uncovered skin hence one must carry sun screen, sun glasses and also wear a hat or  cap and protect the head from the extreme heat. Clothes should be made of cotton and loosely fitting. It is best to cover oneself with loose fitting cotton clothes rather than wearing short or skimpy clothes which are not apt for the desert. A first aid box is also a must carry.

Best Time to Visit Sand Dunes

The tourist season in the autumn and winter months from October through February are ideal for visiting the sand dunes of Rajashthan. The days are very hot but evening and nights are pleasant. A moon light safari is also an exciting and romantic option as the ambience is magical. During the tourist season many cultural programs of song, dance and music are held on the dunes bringing added enchantment to the whole experience.

Best Time To Visit Rajasthan 1
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Best Time To Visit Rajasthan 1
Best Time To Visit Rajasthan 2
Best Time To Visit Rajasthan 1
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