Rajasthan is the house for numerous historically significant places and Jhunjhunu is one of them. Jhunjhunu is a district in Rajasthan state in Western India. It is an ancient and historical town and having it own district administrative headquarter. It is situated at a distance of 245 km from Delhi and 180 km from Jaipur. The Jhunjhunu town is renowned for its exceptional artistic feature which is the murals on its grand Havelis. The place was named in the remembrance of a Jat named "Jhunjha" or "Jujhar Singh Nehra". Jhunjhunu town is located at 28.13°N 75.4°E. Its average elevation is 323 metres or 1059 feet. As per 2011 census, the district has a population of 2, 139,658.  The district lies in the Shekhawati region and is surrounded by Churu District on North-West and North, by Haryana state on the North-East and East, and by Sikar District on the south-East, South and South-West. Among all the districts of Rajasthan, the Jhunjhunu district shines exceptional. Jhunjhunu is one of the wealthy districts of Rajasthan state. It has a great history related to the brave soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for protecting our country.

Jhunjhunu- The District

The Jhunjhunu district has geographical area of about 5928 Sq Km and its altitude is 338 meters. It has 5 Sub-divisions, 6 Tehsil, 8 Panchayat Samitis and 12 Nagar Palika. Its 865 villages are occupied by human beings. In the decade 2001-2011, its population growth rate was 11.81%. The district has a literacy rate of 74.72% and has sex ratio of 950 females for every 1000 males.

History of Jhunjhunu

Jhunjhunu falls in the core of the famous former Shekhawati region. It is believed that in the Vikram era 1045 the district is ruled by the Chauhan Empire, and Sidhraj was a famous king at that time. Mohammed Khan and his son Samas khan overpowered the Chauhans and won Jhunjhunu in the year 1450. It is said that later on, Shardul Singh had taken Jhunjhunu on a lifetime hire. He had three marriages and he had six sons. On 17 April 1742, he died. His one son Bahadur Singh died in his early age and other five were quite capable, brave and efficient rulers.

Famous Personalities

The Jhunjhunu district has strong relation with three renowned families, The Birla family, The Pasari and The Piramals which are the major Indian industrialists. All these three families belong to this district. The world famous Gazal Singer, Mehdi Hasan was also born in Jhunjhunu. One of the prominent engineering institutes of the country, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, is also located at Pilani, a small town in this District. Late Sh. RR Moraka, who played the significant part in the freedom struggle, was also born in the Jhunjhunu district.

The Rani Sati Temple

This historic temple is one of the most popular temples in Rajasthan state. It was established in early nineteenth century and is located in Jhunjhunu district and has a distance of ten Kms from the popular Piramal Haveli. Rani Sati was the wife of a local Agrawal resident, who passed away in war. The young widow, to turn out to be a Sati, that is, a lady who immolates herself on her husband’s funeral, immolated herself. The site where she did this sacrifice is now a memorial temple which was made by her father-in-law in her memory. However, in 1829 Sati Pratha was banned by the British law. Many social reformers spoke against it in 19th century. Apart from its religious significance, it has become the major tourist attraction.

Bihariji Temple

It is another major tourist attraction in Jhunjhunu. The Bihariji temple is quite famous for its antique and historic paintings. The temple has some artistic wall paintings on display which draw the attention of tourists. The temple is dedicated to BihariJi and huge numbers of devotees visit this temple every day.

Havelis in Jhunjhunu

Jhunjhunu is popular for its marvellously painted Havelis which attracts many visitors all around the world. The Tibrewala Haveli established in 1883 and The Modi Haveli established in 1895, are some of the most famous Havelis in the entire Shekhawati area. The Narudin Farooqi Haveli in Jhunjhunu is one of its sorts which have the connection with Muslims as this Haveli belongs to a rich Muslim family. The Khetri Mahal established in 1765 is a small palace is also worth visiting on tours to Jhunjhunu.

Badalgarh Fort

It is one of the most famous forts in Shekhawati region and at the end of the 17th century; it was made by NawabFazl Khan. The Badalgarh Fort is a must-visit place in the list of Jhunjhunu tourist attractions.

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