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Elephant Festival

This festival is one of the most famous and traditional festivals celebrated in the Pink city, Jaipur, Rajasthan. Usually celebrated in the month of March, this festival is celebrated with full pomp on the day of Holi. Elephant dance and elephant polo are the major attractions of this festival.

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Beautifully dressed and decked, camels, horses, folk dancers and the most important elephants begin the festival with a procession. The owners of these elephants dress their charms with grace in beautiful and bright colors, saddle cloths and traditional heavy jewellery. Also the female elephants are made to wear anklets which tinkle as and when they walk. The ones sitting on top of the elephant sprinkle gulaal on the roads. In this festival, the elephant that is dressed the best is awarded.

Traditional motifs are also imprinted and painted on the bodies of the elephants. Their necks and ears are adorned with brocade colorful scarves. The tusks of the elephants are decorated with expensive rings and bracelets and royal plates on their heads are a sight to witness. The riders and care takers of the elephants dress up their elephants after they are given a bath. The riders themselves get dressed in brocade jackets and glittery turbans to get into the limelight as well.

The elephants then get into the field where the festival is organized with their mahouts also known as the care takers. The other important aspect is that all the elephants that are a part of this festival are females. They walk as per the sound of nagadas and the musical instrument bankiya. The tug of war, Elephant polo and Elephant race are the major highlights of this festival and the traditional live performances by singers and dancers enthrall the audiences. Rajasthan Tourism organizes this grand festival and is an important annual event in the calendar or Rajasthan which attracts many tourists from the other parts of India and abroad as well.

Significance of Elephant festival

With many changes being witnessed and one of it being globalization, this festival ensures that people are still deeply connected to the roots of the sand of the state. Ever local from Rajasthan knows how important is this festival and the talent and excellence of Rajasthan is beautifully presented in this festival. People may be becoming western with the passage of time, but the people from Rajasthan know their dedication towards this festival and take up the message of spreading colors, tradition across the globe. This festival is an epitome of love, respect and dedication towards their traditions and the culture of Rajasthan. The pure and rich customs of this part of India are beautifully displayed through this festival of Elephants.

Main attraction of Elephant festival

The main attraction to this festival is the beautifully dressed elephants, camels and horses in traditional and expensive attires and jewellery that catches hold the attention of everybody.

How to Reach Elephant Festival

Jaipur is well connected to the rest of India. It is connected to Delhi, Udaipur, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Jodhpur, Varanasi and Calcutta by the means of domestic flights.

All the major parts of India have trains to Jaipur. The famous Shatabdi and the Intercity connects Delhi and Jaipur. This train is a fully air conditioned train and is preferred by most of the people travelling from this part of India

Buses from Delhi, Gujarat and Mumbai are available for Jaipur and Jaipur is connected well by road to the major cities of India. A comfortable road journey can be expected by those travelling via roadways. It is a cheaper option and regular buses, deluxe buses, government run buses and AC coaches can be found for the passengers as per their convenience. Options of private cars and taxis can also be availed.

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