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Mewar Festival

The romantic city of Udaipur plays host to one of the most magnificent and colorful festivals of Rajasthan, the Mewar Festival. It is held to celebrate the arrival of spring and coincides with the popular Gangaur Festival. The Mewar festival is synonymous with beautifully rendered songs and artistically divine dances of the state. Colorful processions, music chanting the praises of the local deity and a spectacular display of fireworks mark the key features of this three day visual feast.

Mewar Festival Captures the True Spirit of Udaipur’s History and Culture

The vibrant spirit of this festival rubs off in large measures throughout the state and reflects the lively spirit and rich culture of the people of the region. The festival is obviously one of the biggest events of the state and hence much-awaited by the people, visitors and even international tourists as they plan their visit to coincide with the festival dates.

A Brief History

The Mewar Festival is held every year in the month of March-April and begins with a huge procession in which women carry the idols of Lord Shiva or Isar and Goddess Parvati or Gangaur from the famous Clock Tower to the holy Gangaur Ghat. A key attraction of the event is the Royal Boat of the Palace which is taken from Bansi Ghat to Gangaur Ghat. This is followed by a series of cultural programs which includes the folk dance forms such as Ghoomar and Kalbeliya. The traditional welcome song, ‘Padharo Mahare Desh’ is sung by local artists with much gusto and energy.

The Unbroken Legacy of the House of Mewar

The House of Mewar is unique in the sense that the legacy has been passed on unbroken for the past seven and a half decades. The festivities, rituals and ceremonies are still held with the same pomp and grandeur as it was performed 75 years ago. The people, the descendents and all other stakeholders of the community now represents the living heritage of those times. Over the years, the culture and tradition of the Mewar community has evolved and become more brilliant and full of life.

The Grandeur of the Mewar Festival is Unsurpassed

Preparations for this grand festival begin months before the actual event. The entire city of Udaipur comes alive with beautiful decorations and wrappings. There are colorful streamers seen across the city that adds to the festive atmosphere. As the locals, visitors and performing artists start pouring into the city, the place transforms magically into a sea of humanity wearing bright colored traditional wear that match the brilliant decorations and the spectacular ambience.

Mesmerizing Visions

The raw and authentic Rajputana touch engulfs the minds of visitors leaving them mesmerized.  There is a very visible aura all around as the festival unleashes the sensational traditional dance moves and the uniquely rendered folk songs that transport you to the glorious years of yore. The unusual possession of boats on the Lake Pichola brings up the tail end of the celebrations. The astounding fireworks that light up the skyline at the end of the festival serve as a fitting finale to three days of incredible festivities that leaves you yearning for more.

How to Reach Udaipur

By Air

The Maharana Pratap Airport is just 22 km from Udaipur city. Flights take off regularly from Mumbai, Delhi and other main capital cities to Udaipur daily.

By Bus

Public bus services operated by Rajasthan Roadways are available from all major cities of Rajasthan to Udaipur. Super deluxe bus services are also available from Delhi and other cities.

By Train

Trains from major capital cities run to and through Udaipur Railway Station at fairly frequent intervals. Jaipur, Delhi, Ajmer are the nearest stations.

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