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In terms of area, Rajasthan is one of the largest Indian states sharing its borders with Pakistan and consists of the long stretch of Thar Desert, the most popular Sutlej Indus valley and the huge barren areas which are scarcely populated. The state is bounded by Pakistan on the west, Madhya Pradesh to the southeast, Gujarat at its southwest, Punjab to its north and UP & Haryana towards the northeast. The total area covered is 132,150 sq mi which is equal to the area covered by Germany.

The capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur and consists of different geographical features like Thar Desert which covers the northwest end of the state along with the Ghaggar River that ends in Rajasthan.  You can also explore Kalibanga which is the oldest subcontinent and known to have the ancient ruins that you may come across.

The only destination which is surrounded by the Aravalli Range is Mount Abu and is one of the most popular hill stations of Rajasthan. The Dilwara Temples is also a popular pilgrimage site and is most visited by the Jains from the different corners of the world. Other attractions include the Tiger Reserves at Ranthambore and Sariska which is a must to visit place together with the Keoladeo National Park which is known for the colorful and rare bird species.

The state was initially ruled by the Rajputs and they have formed it on 30 March 1949.  As it was a princely state, therefore some of the parts were still ruled by the Britishers while the rest of it was under the rulership of Rajputs. The other places which did not come into the state like Tonk were made a part of the Madhya Pradesh.


For the first time, the name of the state was found in a publication of James Tod's in 1829.  The word Rajasthan usually means “Land of Kingdoms” and it rightly fulfilled its name. In 1800 A.D, George Thomas had given the name Rajputana to this place. Even John Keay has written something about the state in his popular book known as the India: A History. Other places where you could find a few references are the John Briggs translation where he replaced Indian princes with Rajput princes.

Royal Culture

Rajasthan is a very beautiful place and known for its uniqueness in terms of lifestyle and culture. Even today you can get a glimpse of the Indian culture as many places still preserve the heritage of the state. The colorful festivals and the bright costumes definitely add a charm to its tradition and that is why it is one of the most visited states of all.  The royal palaces, the grand forts and huge Haveli’s attract a number of visitors. You can also get to explore the folk music which is authentic, lively and creates a vibrant atmosphere.

Rajasthan Divisions

Rajasthan is divided mainly into 7 Divisions and 33 Districts

  • Bikaner Division
  • Ajmer Division
  • Jaipur Division
  • Jodhpur Division
  • Bharatpur Division
  • Udaipur Division
  • Kota Division


The tourism of Rajasthan is rising day by day with plenty of things to do around. You can explore Jaipur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer and Udaipur which are one of the top destinations to visit. Even Jodhpur is also a fascinating destination which is very much liked by the Indian as well as the foreign tourists.  You can also come across a few local products as well which are highly exclusive and just marvelous. Some of the heritage sites have been transformed into beautiful hotels that offer lots of profits to the owners.

Foreigners Interest

Apart from the Indian tourists, even the foreigners show a lot of interest while visiting Rajasthan. They love the camel and the elephant rides, the huge palaces and the historical monuments which hold a long historical background.  The interesting cuisines of Rajasthan are also an eye catching feature that attracts a number of tourists to come and try the delicious and traditional dishes. There are lots of outdoor activities that you can enroll in.

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Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan 1
Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan 2
Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan 1
Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan 2
Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan 1
Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan 2

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