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Rajasthan Tourism

Indian Thar desert with golden sands and remote desert landscapes lies in incredible Rajasthan. Tourism in Rajasthan unfolds the times of Rajputana, land of Rajas, and different traditions and dances since their inception. Rajasthan tourism presents many enviable Indian tourism destinations for both International and domestic tour lovers particularly for Honey Moon couples. Rajasthan is a foremost tourism destination which attracts tourists from every walk of life for its palaces, art, cultures, historical forts, and sanctuary etc.

Online Reservation Help - For Luxury Trains

  • Use Internet Explorer browser only and login to
  • The Debit / VISA credit/ Master cards are validated to use for three transactions in 24Hours. Fourth transaction is allowed only past 24Hours of previous transaction.
  • New users are to create Login ID and password for ‘online booking and cancellation’ on
  • Now you can book Royal Rajasthan on wheels/Palace on wheels by clicking on blinking word “online booking”.
  • Fill adequate features on screen; depicting train details – Click Tariff and booking, Departure of train -- Select departure date and year – Check for availability – Popup shows availability for four departure dates – close popup – click ‘now book’—Booking page—(fill the required fields) and click “Book Now”—Enter your ID and Passwords—web page displaying amount and booking details—after ticking the conditions box, click CONFIRM AND PROCEED FOR PAYMENTS.
  • Secured payment portal of HDFC will emerge showing Billing information’s and now fill up required information on payment information page and submit. Payment Gateway presently accept International credit cards MASTER/ VISA (outside India) for payments up to 10,000US $ for each booking of two persons. Same procedure is repeated for additional booking. Citibank, American Express, Dinners club and JCB cards will also be accepted very soon for 20,000US $ for booking.
  • Now payment confirmation voucher will be displayed, get it printed and show at the boarding time of Royal Rajasthan on wheels/Palace on wheels along with ID proof.

Tourists can also deposit calculated amount of tariff with “Rajasthan Tourist Development Corp. Ltd” A/C NO. 001205001867of ICICI Bank and fax details to0141-2204065with booking details and contact No. OR e-mail scan copy to [email protected] and [email protected]

Cancellation/ Amendment

  • Repeat steps from a) to c).
  • Click "Cancellation” at top right corner. Pick Luxury train, your booking list will appear; select the button to cancel desired booking.
  • Part cancellation and AMENDMENTS in offered booking for room category or rooms are not allowed. This may be exercised by cancelling the previous booking and start a fresh booking as per your convenience. The cancellation charges are applied as per rules.
  • In case of any quandary, please mail us immediately to [email protected] , [email protected]  and [email protected]

Online Reservation Help - For Hotels

  • Login  only on browser of internet explorer. Not any other browser.
  • Three successful transactions generally are allowed by the system through VISA credit/ debit cards/Master cards within 24Hours. The fourth transaction is allowed only after 24Hours of previous transaction.
  • New users are required to create their one time Login ID and Password which can be used in future for ‘ on line booking and cancellation’ on
  • Now you can make on line booking for Luxury Trains, RTDC Hotels etc. by clicking the word “Online Booking”.
  • Fill up the required fields on screen as per your requirements and click on “CHECK AVAILABILITY” to confirm for required accommodation, categories wise for next ten dates/days, now click on “BACK BUTTON”, re-fill your requirements for room and click on “ BOOK NOW” for booking OR you may press “ BOOK NOW” button openly after filling the fields required.
  • NOTE: When “ BOOK NOW” button is clicked, displayed screen shows single or multiple Hotels, Bed Type, Room Type, Status of Rooms availability and Date(s). Two options are shown on status screen “REQUEST” and/or “AVAILABLE”.
  • Available —Rooms are available.
  • Request— Rooms are not available.
  • For booking, now click on “Available”.
  • The screen has now shown you Booking Summary and Room Summary on the screen. Now undertake payment procedure through Debit/ Credit Card (VISA/Master cards are only accepted) by clicking on “BOOK BY DEBIT/CREDIT CARD”.
  • To proceed further enter your ID and Password to Login.
  • Now mandatory parameters are filled, Click ‘tick’ in blank box to accept terms and conditions.
  • Secured Payment Portal of HDFC now will appear. Information’s for Billing are shown; fill up the required information’s to submit. (If payment is made through Debit Card, kindly ensure that whether your Bank allows you “Internet Banking” or not and ensure also your Customer PIN and ID to utilize for payment by Debit Card.)
  • After this you will receive Payment confirmation, Print this web page to keep and to produce while you are checking into the Booked RTDC Hotel(s) along with your proof of Photo ID as affirmed on web page when “CONFIRM BOOKING” is executed.

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO TRANFER PAYMENTS THROUGH YOUR DEBIT/CREDIT CARD. Alternatively, you can deposit calculated tariff amount with “Rajasthan Tourism Development Corp. Ltd” A/C NO.001205001867,ICICI BANK ( Jaipur Branch, Shreeji Tower, C-99,Subhash Marg, Near Ahimsa Circle, C- Scheme, Jaipur, RTGS/NEFT, IFSC Code is ICICI 0000012and SWIFT Code is ICICI NBBCTS) and fax the printed slip to 0141-2200562with your contact number and all other booking details.

Cancellation/ Amendment

  • Repeat 1to 3steps.
  • Click on “Cancellation” at top right side. Your booking list will appear select button to cancel the desired booking.
  • Part cancellation and AMENDMENT in already booked room category/rooms are not allowed. It is only allowed after cancellation of full existing booking and book afresh booking according to your new requirements like. The cancellation charges will be levied according to rules.
  • If any problem is there, kindly e-mail to [email protected]  , [email protected]  for immediate action.

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