Rajasthan is a state that is steeped in history and tradition. The native people live a life of serene simplicity that includes among the daily chores of living, music, dance and folk art that has a unique flavor of the land. After a hard day’s labor it is not uncommon to see, men playing a lilting tune on the flute and other wind instruments and women singing folk songs that signify the season or the harvest and the scores of days that are marked with religious significance.

The forms of entertainment that is native to Rajasthan such as the folk dances and music, puppetry etc. have caught the imagination of the visitors from abroad and India and many local fests and festivals are held which are becoming increasingly popular among tourists to Rajasthan.

Apart from the scenic beauty of the rugged land, its magnificent forts and palaces that tell tales of its historic glory, its distinct architecture and the arts and talent of the artisans that learnt their skills from tradition and workers from other lands that passed through, performing arts such as dance, music and puppetry have been keenly developed over generations and are unique in their style and presentation as compared to folk music and dance from other parts of our great country. Entertainment that is distinctively from the state speaks volumes of its rich cultural heritage and is widely appreciated by visitors from far and wide.


The folk music of Rajasthan has been evolved over centuries when the desert travelers spun soleful tunes on their reed instruments and poets in the courts of kings sang ballads to the bravery of their ancestors. As women went about their daily chores and waited for their loved ones to come home, they sang the rhymes and rhythms that came straight from the heart and touched the souls of those who heard them. The joyful songs of homecoming, the coming of spring or the harvest or the rains and peacocks were no less expressive and lent meaning to the daily grind of life.

The many small and big Rajput kingdoms that dotted the land were ruled by kings who appreciated music and the fine arts and gave shelter and sustenance to many a poet and artist. The poets in turn created odes to these kings called “Raso” that sang of the bravery and charisma of the kings. Many of these Rasos still exist and are sung and appreciated in music festivals and programs of entertainment. Notable among them is a “Prithwiraj Raso” sung in praise by the court bard Chand Bardai from the royal court of Prithwiraj Chauhan, the great and noble warrior king of Rajasthan. Folk music today is also a vehicle that is used to create social awareness among common people.


Puppetry of different kinds has developed over centuries and forms an integral part of the culture and tradition of the state. String puppets controlled by one or more skilled artists enact a complete story on the stage that captivates the audience and makes them ask for more as accompanying singers and musicians lend meaning to the unfolding story. The puppets usually depict stories from epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata or folk tales that have a social and moral message. Puppet shows are becoming popular and shows are conducted all over the world.


The folk dances of Rajasthan are unique in their style and flavor and truly represent the simplicity and colorful ruggedness of its cultural traditions. Most folk dances are performed in groups with women donning colorful traditional attire and jewelry. There are some folk dances in which men also participate. The most popular of the folk dances from Rajasthan such as Bhavai, Ghoomar, Chari, Ghair, Kacchi Ghodi and many more are performed at music and dance festivals and folk dance programs that are held in the state and also outside.

Desert Festival

Fairs and festivals are an integral part in the lives of the people from Rajasthan. Fairs are held traditionally to congregate and buy and sell animals and farm produce and also have some fun. The Desert festival held in Jaisalmer every year in February is world famous and attracts a lot of international tourists. The festival is mostly cultural with many events, competitions and performances of music dance and puppetry for entertainment that completely belongs to the state.

Elephant Festival

While camels are used for transportation in the desert, elephants are reared by the royalty in Rajasthan. There is a festival to honor these regal animals and is held in Spring during the color festival of Holi. In this festival, elephants are decorated and visitors get rides on the. There are polo matches that are played using elephants instead of horses and also races. This festival is gaining popularity and many visitors are coming to see it.

Tourist Events

Rajasthan is the most visited tourist place in India and there are many events organized specially to entertain visitors and to give them a glimpse of the culture and tradition of the place. These events are organized all around the year especially in the tourist season between December and March and during local festivals like Teej which are unique to Rajasthan.

Art and Theater

Welcomgroup Rajputana Palace Sheraton 

There are folk dances like the Kalbelia, Puppet shows and other performances organized in the Hotel grounds especially for tourists.

Band Playing (Ram Niwas Bagh)

At the Ram Niwas Bagh Palace, a tradition of a band playing every evening was started by the erstwhile King Maharaja Swami Ram Singh. Even now this event can be organized by making a request to the management.

Ravindra Manch

The Ravindra Manch is a cultural organization and theatre where plays and performances are held . Schools and colleges also use the theater for their annual cultural programs.

Jawahar Kala Kendra

Jawahar Kala Kendra is a center for art and exhibitions of contemporary artists in different media are held here. Plays and other performances are also held here.

Cinema in Rajasthan

  • Raj Mandir , C scheme , Jaipur – Phone 2374694
  • INOX – 4th Floor, Crystal Palm, Sardar Patel marg, C scheme Jaipur, Phone – 0141-5117298
  • Golcha cinema , Chaura Rasta, Jaipur , phone – 0141-
  • INOX – Vaibhav complex, Vaishali nagar, Jaipur , phone – 0141-39895050
  • Cinestar , Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur , phone -0141-2336400
  • INOX – City Plaza Mall, Banipark, Jaipur – 0141-39895050
  • First Cinemas, Asharam Marg, Tonk Road, Jaipur – 0141-2724509
  • First Cinemas, Triton Mega Mall , Jhotwara road, Jaipur – 0141-5156728

Disco and Pubs in Rajasthan

  • Tablu, Malviya nagar, Jaipur
  • Henry’s, C scheme, Jaipur
  • Café Koba, C scheme, Jaipur
  • Area 51, Raja Park, Jaipur

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Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan 1
Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan 2
Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan 1
Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan 2
Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan 1
Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan 2

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