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Chandrabhaga Festival

This festival is organized at Jhalrapatan ever year in the month of October to November, also known as Kartik as per the Hindu calendar. The river Chandrabhaga is worshiped by the residents which flow through this part of the city. On the full moon night, people come and take a dip in this holy river and many devotees throng this place on this auspicious day just to take a dip in the holy water. The spot is known as Chandravati.

It is a combination of trade, beliefs and religion where cattle and livestock like cows, buffaloes, horses and camels are sold and brought from different parts. Traders from MP, Maharashtra come at this platform for trade. The tourists can get an idea to mingle with the people of the district and get to know about their lifestyle.

Festival Tour

A very famous and crowded cattle fair is organized on this festival where thousand and millions of pilgrims visit and take a bath at the holy river flowing through the city. Trade for cattle takes place on a large scale in this festival for which traders from distant platform come to one place just to sell and buy cattle/livestock.

Significance of Chandrabhaga festival

The cattle fair is of great significance as the participation of traders from faraway places is what makes this fair even more interesting. Also many tourists can be seen being a part of this festival as this is a platform for them to get to know more about the tourists of this locality.

Main Attraction of the Festival

The commerce and trading activities are the main attraction in this festival.

How to Reach

The closest railway station to Jhalawar is Ramganj Mandir which is at a distance of 25 kilometers. This place is also well connected via roadways to Bundi, Jaipur and Kota through the National Highway no 12. One can also travel via buses from all the major cities of India.

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