The second largest district of Rajasthan is called Barmer. It is popularly known as “antique city” of Rajasthan. A new oilfield was discovered in the district of Barmer. Recently the oilfield has been made functional extending the prominence of this district. Barmer district is named after its founder Bahada Rao Parmar. It was in the 13th century that the foundation of this beautiful district of Barmer was laid. It was then named as Bhadamer and much later shortened to Barmer.

Barmer-The District

Barmer is an important part of the famous Thar Desert. The total area of this district of Barmer is around 28,387 square kilometer. Luni is regarded as the longest river of the place. The river covers a length of 480 km passing through Jalore and then draining into Gulf of Kutch. The river enhances scenic beauty of the place.

The temperature variation experienced in Barmer is quite high. Summers are extremely hot where maximum recorded temperature is 51 °C and on the other hand temperature drops to 0°C during winters. The desert area of Barmer receives 277 mm of annual rainfall. It is during the month of August when Barmer experiences maximum rainfall.

Religious Significance of Barmer

The colorful festivals and places of attractions contrast the dry landscape of Barmer. There is a very popular fort in Barmer called Barmer Fort. The remains of this fort is distributed all over Barmer. The town has its own charm as it is seated on a rocky hill top.

A temple dedicated to Sun God called Balark Temple is another important tourist destination. The three Jain temples added more charm to the religious significance of this place. Kiradu temple found in the village of Hathma is known for its architectural elegance. Art lovers and archeologists also love to explore the four temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and five to Lord Vishnu in Barmer.

Tourist Attractions in Barmer

Tourists also come to Barmer to engage in activities like taking excursion to surrounding villages and towns. The ruins of these places have trapped treasures of ancient history for centuries. As such the place is ideal for history lovers and also adventurous souls. The historical town of Khed has a Vishnu temple located in its precincts. On the slope of a hill is a beautiful town called Meva Nagar located near Barmer. The town is popular among the people of Rajasthan for its famous Jain Temple dedicated to Nakoda Parsvanath.

Thar Festival

It is an important festival celebrated in Barmer with great pomp and show. This festival plays an important role in attracting large number of tourists to Barmer. The festival is celebrated in March in the most colorful manner. The town is cloaked in color and joy during this festive month.

Other important festivals celebrated in Barmer are Navratri, Holi, Diwali and also Gangaur.

Block Printing and Wooden Furniture

The town of Barmer is very famous for exquisite wooden furniture. The hand block printing, gaur, oil and woolen industry also flourishes in the beautiful town. During the festivals tourists love to apply henna art in Barmer. Therefore many local people of Barmer earn their living as henna artists.

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